Fisheries Areas Network

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  • map of the nine Festival del Mare along Emilia-Romagna coast at Adriatic Sea

    Fish festivals strengthen ties between fishermen and the community

    - Good Practice Project
    A series of festivals connects fishermen and aquaculture producers with the public, raising awareness of local fish, traditions and the marine habitat.
  • UK trainee chefs with Food Nation

    Social enterprise introduces seafood training programme for young chefs

    - Good Practice Short Story
    The North of Tyne FLAG has linked up with a local food NGO to deliver a programme aimed at inspiring young trainee chefs to use more seafood. The initiative is focused on raising the awareness and profile of local and lesser-known fisheries products, while also tackling youth unemployment.
  • Shabla - Kavarna - Balchik FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG territory has two geographically distinct areas, the coastal region to the east and the Dobrudzha plateau to the west. Fishing in the coastal areas, on the Black Sea, is traditional activity and important to the livelihood of many local communities. Fisheries are predominantly small-scale, accounting for approximately 90% of the sectors total employment.
  • From the fish auction to your plate

    - Good Practice Project
    Un nouveau GALPA encourage le renforcement des liens entre la gastronomie, la cuisine locale et le patrimoine halieutique en soutenant un restaurant atypique du port de Gandia.
  • Varna & Asparuhovo Area FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG territory covers the municipalities of Aksakovo, Beloslav and Asparuhovo which are situated on the Black Sea coast and near to the Varna Lake. The FLAG area is one of the most economically and socially developed regions in Bulgaria. Fishing, both coastal and inland, is mostly small-scale.
  • Tri Mora FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The Tri Mora FLAG is situated in the central part of Adriatic coast in Zadar County, under the Velebit mountain range and stretching over the Velebit channel.
  • Klaipeda-city FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The Klaipėda City FLAG is conveniently located near both the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon and includes part of the Curonian Spit National Park, the Swamp Back Island in the Curonian Lagoon and the Smiltynė Straight which connects the lagoon to the Black Sea.
  • Aquaponics to produce fish and tomatoes

    - Good Practice Project
    Pour réduire l’impact de l’aquaculture sur l’environnement, un groupe d’acteurs locaux a fondé une entreprise très fructueuse de production simultanée de poisson et de tomates, avec le soutien intitial d’un GAL LEADER.
  • Galeb FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The Galeb FLAG consists of six municipalities in the north-western part of Šibenik-Knin county which is situated in the central part of Croatia. The area’s landscape is characterised by limestone cliffs, numerous bays, and roughly 200 small islands.
  • Lostura FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG area is situated in Zadar County and includes the territories of Pakoštane, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Tkon, Pašman and Biograd na Moru. The FLAG’s territory encompasses 46 islands in the Adriatic Sea, situated close to the mainland.