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  • French FLAG helps launch a CLLD-type dynamic in Tunisia

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    A four-year project to bring participative local development to the Kerkennah islands has proved that CLLD can be a valuable tool beyond the shores of Europe. Funded by ENPARD under the EU’s neighbourhood policy, the project, known as DEVLOK, has invested around €1.2M in these Tunisian fishing communities, diversifying the local economy and creating 47 new companies and 89 jobs.
  • Making local products the brand of the area

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    The Carp Valley FLAG strategy has a clear focus on encouraging local entrepreneurship. The area, highly dependent on inland fisheries and aquaculture, uses its products as an engine for diversification, tourism promotion and awareness-raising about the assets of the territory.
  • Promoting aquaculture products

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    Three Slovenian FLAGs are implementing a collaborative assessment of fisheries products to establish a quality system for fish products produced in Slovenia.
  • Promoting underused fish species and improving migrants´ integration

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    Kustaktionsgruppen i Österbotten (Pohjanmaan kalatalousryhmä) tuki hanketta, jossa paikalliset asukkaat ja maahanmuuttajat kehittivät alikäytettyihin kalalajeihin perustuvia innovatiivisia ruokaohjeita. Sen tuloksena vähempiarvoisina pidettyjen kalojen kulutus kasvoi, maahanmuuttajien kotoutuminen edistyi ja kulttuurinen vuorovaikutus heidän kanssaan lisääntyi.
  • Joint promotion for increasing local incomes

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    Two FLAGs in Poland have joined efforts to implement a project promoting the fishing potential of two different regions. By focusing on their areas of greatest expertise, the FLAGs made a greater impact in their respective localities.
  • Promoting line-caught fish with local stakeholders

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    The professional line fishers’ association of the Brittany region has run a communication campaign to promote line-caught fish. Two FLAGs cooperated to support this campaign that highlights the environmental sustainability and quality that are associated with this way of fishing.
  • Promoting line-caught fish with local stakeholders

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    Bretagnen alueen ammattimaisten siimakalastajien yhdistys on edistänyt siimalla pyydetyn kalan menekkiä tiedotuskampanjalla, jota kaksi FLAG-ryhmää on yhdessä tukenut. Kampanjassa on korostettu siimakalastuksen ekologista kestävyyttä ja saaliin korkeaa laatua.
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    FR - FLAG Cooperation in France

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    Cooperation is strongly encouraged by the programme authorities in France and FLAGs were required to lay out their plans for cooperation within their local development strategies in their bid to gain EMFF funding. In some cases, cooperation is viewed as a transversal tool to strengthen the impact of all areas of FLAG work and, in other cases, cooperation is programmed as an area of work in its own right with specific objectives.
  • MONPÊCHEUR: Connecting fishers and consumers at the quay!

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    Two neighbouring FLAGs cooperate to support a mobile phone app, MonPêcheur, to connect local fishers with consumers by providing them with an online platform for communicating, promoting, and selling their catches directly to the consumer.
  • Reviving the fisheries sector by promoting local seafood

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    To support the economic revival of the local fishing sector following the COVID-19 crisis, the local fishing communities of the Hauts-de-France region have launched a weekly column in newspapers to promote their seafood products.