Fisheries Areas Network


  • Bothnian Bay / Perämeri FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Bothnian Bay is in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea. It freezes over completely every winter. There are several forms of fishing found here: mainly trap and gillnet, trawl fishing (when there is no ice), dragnet and net fishing in winter.
  • North FLAG

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    Donegal is a large county with a lengthy coastline featuring a number of long inlets and bays. The region is sparsely populated and outside of Letterkenny, its only large urban centre, there is a high dependence on small-scale agriculture and fisheries enterprises.
  • Barycz Valley Partnership FLAG

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    The valley of the Barycz river is situated in south-western Poland at the border of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska. It has an 800 year-long tradition in carp production in ponds.
  • Roztocze FLAG

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    The FLAG is situated in the South-Eastern part of Poland, on the border between the Podkarpackie and Lubelskie regions. There is a long tradition of fish farming in the area and it remains important to the local economy.
  • Lassithi FLAG

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    The area is located in the western half of the island of Crete. The main economic activities here are tourism and agriculture.
  • Auray & Vannes FLAG

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    The area has a strong historical, geographic and cultural identity, both rural and maritime. The Auray and Vannes area has been shaped by maritime activities for decades.
  • Fishermen and municipality join forces to set up a local fish market

    - Good Practice Project
    Рибарите и местната община работиха заедно, за да подобрят условията за продажба на прясна риба в област Олт посредством местен рибен пазар за 170 рибари
  • Slowinska FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area is located on the Baltic Sea coast and is characterised by significant natural assets. There are two fishing ports: Ustka and Rowy. The area includes about 10% of all fish resources caught by the Polish fleet.
  • Dorset and East Devon FLAG --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020--

    - FLAG Factsheet
    --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020-- The FLAG area has been selected because of its wide geographical range and its potential to benefit as many small fishing communities as possible. The local fishery has an extremely diverse range of fish and shellfish species.
  • Our Krajna and Paluki FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG is located in the western part of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship, an area rich in rivers and lakes (including the Noteć river and the Bydgoszcz Canal). The fisheries activity is carried out by a few large aquaculture producers (mainly carp) and by the Polish Anglers’ Association who owns 5750 ha of waters.