Fisheries Areas Network


  • Supporting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture businesses

    - Good Practice Project
    Mazapjoma zivsaimniecības un akvakultūras nozaru uzņēmumu attīstība Rietumlietuvas FLAG zonā ir būtiska ekonomiskās attīstības daļa tādos reģionos kā Klaipēda un Priekule. Šī projekta mērķis, ko īsteno mazs vietējais uzņēmums, ir uzlabot vietējo zivsaimniecības un akvakultūras produktu apstrādi, izmantojot dažādus FLAG finansētus stratēģiskos ieguldījumus.
  • Producing essential oils from marine plants

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Thanks to business advice from Oeste FLAG and national financial support, a fisheries observer who wanted to change his career path has successfully started his own company in Portugal, working with marine plants called halophytes.
  • Private fish processor investing in the FLAGs

    - Good Practice Short Story
    With their “Thanks to the Fisherman” campaign, one of Finland’s biggest fish processors, aims to raise approximately €100 000 for the FLAGs to support their local fishermen
  • A social enterprise that places local fish in school canteens

    - Good Practice Project
    Sociāls kopuzņēmums, ko izveidojis Sarkanais Krusts un vietējā zivju izsole, palīdz bezdarbniekiem sākt darbu, vienlaikus piedāvājot vietu, kur pārstrādāt zemu novērtētas vietējās jūras veltes.
  • Processing and retailing fisheries and aquaculture products

    - Cooperation Idea
    The project aims to set up transnational cooperation between FLAGs with potential for developing the FAP processing sector. This offers a valuable opportunity for fishing communities to increase the EU and worldwide market of processed FAPs while reducing overfishing. The project will focus on the following local FAPs: blue crab, mussels, sardines and anchovies.
  • Fisheries and angling potential: creating the conditions for local development

    - Cooperation Idea
    A group of 9 inland and coastal FLAGs from Poland has found partners from Italy, Latvia and Lithuania to launch a cooperation project that entails the exchange of experience and joint actions, such as study visits to each of the areas involved along 2020-2021.
  • Minced fish from unwanted by-catch

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Local fishermen in Lapland, northern Finland, create a mincing facility to process unwanted by-catch into new marketable products such as fish fingers.
  • Dunarea Dobrogeana FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG territory is in the northwest of Constanta County. In the centre of the territory is the city of Harsova which is surrounded by the four communes of Ghindaresti, Horia, Topalu and Crucea. The area situated between the Danube and the Black Sea is characterised by rolling hills and is steeped in history.
  • Salina Greens – Farming organic Salicornia on abandoned salt marshes

    - Good Practice Project
    “Salina Greens” is a Portuguese business dedicated to the organic production and processing of Salicornia, a native plant species growing on salt marshes. This production system helps preserve areas of high environmental value, while supporting the local economy.
  • Umami processing methods add value to local fish

    - Good Practice Project
    Kāds Somijas zvejnieks ir pārņēmis japāņu zivju nogatavināšanas metodi, kas ir pazīstama kā “umami”, tādējādi piesaistot Michelin zvaigžņu šefpavārus.