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    FARNET and CLDD at a glance
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    Implementing CLLD across the ESI Funds: Edinburgh, 8-10 Dec. 2015

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    The first FARNET transnational seminar of the new programming period took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from the 8th to 10th December 2015. It provided new opportunities for Managing Authorities of the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds to learn, inspire and get inspired in implementing the CLLD approach.
  • Blue crab supports blue growth in northern Greece

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Chalastra, Greece, the local Thessaloniki FLAG helped two budding entrepreneurs establish a successful seafood conditioning and processing business, specialising in live blue crab.
  • Simplifying preparatory support in Poland

    - Good Practice Method
    Polish FLAGs can choose from two flexible support options to prepare their local development strategies. Both options have benefited from a simplification and streamlining of the process of activating preparatory support.
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    FARNET Magazine n° 13

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    FARNET Magazine n° 13 - Winter 2015
  • Legends of Kitka: videogamers, get ready to fish!

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In 2013, to limit the proliferation of “fake” products using the name of the local fish, “Kitkan Viisas” vendace, fishermen from Kuusamo, Northern Finland, teamed up to secure its listing in the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) scheme. To further promote this unique product, a web and mobile video game, called the Legends of Kitka, was also developed.
  • National networks – connecting FLAGs and building local capacity in CLLD

    - Good Practice Method
    Nacionalne mreže (NM-ovi) imaju važnu ulogu u razvoju kapaciteta FLAG-ova i upravljačkih tijela (UT-ova) kao i u poticanju i podržavanju transnacionalne suradnje. U Estoniji je NM 2007.–2013. blisko surađivao s UT-om kako bi olakšao dijalog i osigurao dobru suradnju među svim subjektima uključenima u ribarstvene CLLD-ove. Također je razvio informativne alate te usmjerio FLAG-ove i omogućio izgradnju kapaciteta za njih.
  • Communicating effectively with the local community

    - Good Practice Method
    FLAG-ove komunikacijske aktivnosti mogu biti važan katalizator za inovacije i promjene te predstavljaju poprečan element u strategiji lokalnog razvoja. Adriatico Salentino FLAG u Apuliji, Italija, pomogao je u osnaživanju lokalnih ribara kako bi u svojoj komunikaciji postali pokretači promjene.
  • FEMER marine skin

    - Good Practice Project
    Through cooperation with local fishermen and designers, and inspired by traditional techniques from other fishing communities in Europe, a young French entrepreneur has developed an innovative fish skin tanning process and now sells her “marine leather” to fashion designers all around the country.
  • Fishing gear diversification

    - Good Practice Project
    Axis 4 financial support helped a fisherman on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa to diversify his activities outside of the fishing season into the production of fishing gear and multi-purpose nets. As well as creating a part-time job for this fisherman, it has also created four full-time jobs for local women.