Fisheries Areas Network


  • Preserving wild sea urchins through sustainable farming

    - Good Practice Short Story
    The Mondego Mar FLAG financed a project to bring some unused saltpans back into use to produce an aquaculture product which is highly coveted by restaurateurs: the sea urchin, also known as ‘Portuguese caviar’.
  • Blockchain improves traceability for small-scale fishers

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    This cooperation project aimed to apply a technology based on the “blockchain” principle to fisheries. By using this trustworthy shared recording system, the three FLAGs implemented a traceability system which provides complete and accurate information to consumers of artisanal fishing products.
  • Indoor aquaponics farm development

    - Good Practice Short Story
    A Finnish FLAG supported a research project to create a business model based on indoor aquaponic farming. This innovative concept reduces water use by 85% and produces both fish and vegetables with near zero-waste discharge.
  • Improving eel stocks in Lake Bolmen

    - Good Practice Short Story
    To improve eel production in Lake Bolmen, the Halland FLAG has supported an initiative aimed at investigating why eel stocks are lower than expected compared to other similar sized lakes in Sweden. As eel are of high value to local fishers and tourism in the area, the project aims to identify and improve the cause of reduced eel stocks in the lake.
  • Turning shellfish by-products into energy

    - Good Practice Project
    La conchyliculture est une activité économique importante sur la côte atlantique française. Mais elle génère aussi des moules sous-calibrées – des sous-produits qui sont habituellement jetés. Ce projet entend tirer profit de leur potentiel en les utilisant pour produire du méthane, lui-même source d’énergie.
  • Making oyster farming energy self-sufficient

    - Good Practice Project
    Le Chantier Bretagne Sud a mis en œuvre un projet visant à soutenir la transition des exploitations ostréicoles vers les énergies renouvelables, en analysant leurs besoins et en mettant à leur disposition une technologie adaptée.
  • European cooperation on actions for the preservation of water quality

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    The Intercommunal Syndicate of Arcachon Bay (SIBA) is looking for FLAGs from EU in a variety of areas, including bays, lagoons andr gulf ecosystems, for exchanging good practices on water quality preservation. The final goal of this cooperation would be to engage with local/regional agencies in charge of water quality management; to exchange good practices, share lessons and answer common questions; and to set the baseline for a formal cooperation across European bays on the topic of water quality management.
  • Energy Island: Networking for local economic impact

    - Good Practice Project
    Au Danemark, un projet soutenu par un GALPA réunit un réseau de 17 entreprises locales pour contribuer à faire de Bornholm l’une des deux « îles énergétiques » du pays, spécialisées dans la production d’énergie éolienne et sa transformation en énergie mécanique.
  • New funds for small-scale fisheries projects

    - Actualité
    WWF and Blue Seeds have launched an innovative scheme supporting small-scale fishers in coastal areas that want to implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of fisheries.
  • Wind turbine

    Eco-diversifying the local economy

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Poland, the North Kaszuby FLAG supported the setting up of an experimental wind turbine in a local engineering company, helping to establish a new local energy supply, to promote economic diversification, and to create a new educational offer.