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  • Mobile App for reporting catch data

    - Good Practice Project
    Itä-Suomen kalatalousryhmä on tukenut saalistietojen ilmoittamiseen tarkoitetun mobiilisovelluksen kehittämistä suomalaisille sisävesikalastajille. Ammattikorkeakoulun kehittämä sovellus, joka otettiin käyttöön toukokuussa 2020, parantaa saalistietojen keruuta ja jäljitettävyyttä koko kalastuksen arvoketjussa.
  • FLAG Support to Algae Production

    - Publication
    This study provides quantitative and qualitative information on algae-related projects funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) through Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs). The findings outline the levels of knowledge and interest amongst FLAGs in working further on algae production in contributing to their areas’ local development. In addition, the study improves the understanding of the challenges and opportunities perceived by FLAGs in the future support of algae-related activities in their areas.
  • Seals and Cormorants in the Baltic: Addressing a common environmental challenge

    - Basic page
    A large-scale cooperation project between Baltic FLAGs has increased knowledge on the impact the growing seal and cormorant populations are having on small-scale coastal fisheries in the region. Through this cooperation project, FLAGs have developed solutions for achieving the balanced management of marine resources.
  • Seals and Cormorants in the Baltic: Addressing a common environmental challenge

    - Good Practice Project
    Itämeren alueen FLAG-ryhmien laajamittaisessa yhteistyöhankkeessa on saatu lisätietoa kasvavien hylje- ja merimetsokantojen vaikutuksesta alueen pienimuotoiseen rannikkokalastukseen. FLAG-ryhmät ovat hankkeen puitteissa kehittäneet ratkaisuja merellisten luonnonvarojen tasapainoiseen käyttöön ja hoitoon.
  • Reinstating wetlands and pike spawning grounds on the Stockholm archipelago

    - Good Practice Short Story
    To restore natural balance to ecosystems on the Swedish archipelago, the Stockholmsbygd FLAG has supported an initiative aimed at reinstating coastal wetlands in an effort to increase pike stocks. Key predators in the Baltic, pike are essential to maintaining biodiversity and healthy waters in the area.
  • Adapting fishing practices to protect seabirds

    - Good Practice Project
    Through the MedAves Pesca project, the Oeste FLAG joined together with the Portuguese NGO SPEA to enable better communication and interaction with the fisheries sector. This joint project focused on adapting fisheries practices to avoid the death of seabirds while fishing in the Ilhas Berlengas area.
  • An app to promote waste collection and sport

    - Good Practice Project
    In an effort to support marine conservation and tackle marine litter, a fisherman and his two sisters in Catalonia (Spain) developed an app and launched a campaign to promote waste collection, while practicing group sports.
  • Creating a network for marine litter management

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Four Sardinian FLAGs have linked up with the University of Cagliari to create a waste management system for efficiently dealing with marine litter caught by local fishers.
  • COVID-19 – FLAG Response Message Board

    - News
    Keeping you up to date on efforts and actions carried out by FLAGs, National Networks and Managing Authorities to support the fisheries and aquaculture sector in EU Member States overcome the challenges presented by the coronavirus, COVID-19. Be sure to check this rolling coverage regularly to get inspiration for actions in your areas. And contact the FARNET Support Unit with any of your news.
  • Fishing intelligently

    - Good Practice Project
    Suomalaiset ja puolalaiset kalastajat levittävät yhteistyössä tietoa uusista pyyntimenetelmistä, joista hyötyvät sekä luonto että kalastusala