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  • Green harbour of Malaga: an environmentally-friendly engine for small-scale fishing boats

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Malaga, small-scale artisanal fishing accounts for the overwhelming majority of the local fleet. However, high fuel prices and low quality of boat engines have been threatening the future of small-scale sustainable fishing in the area.
  • Innovation on board helps shorten the supply chain

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Dansk Økomusling Aps is a company based in the Thy-Mors area of Northern Denmark. Until now, their line mussels were harvested, packed unsorted in 1000 kg mesh bags and sent overseas for processing before returning to be sold on the Danish market. This created a lengthy supply chain that often reduced the overall quality, increased the costs and the carbon footprint of their products.
  • Leba River Basin FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG is situated on the Baltic Sea coast very close to the well-known Slowinski National Park. The area includes Leba, a fishing harbour with a small to medium-sized fishing fleet. Here we can also find fish processing as well as fish farming.
  • A social enterprise to service the fish auctions

    - Good Practice Project
    Le FLAG Mariña Ortegal a aidé une entreprise sociale dans à créer des activités professionnelles pour les personnes porteuses d'un handicap et les chômeurs de longue durée, Il s’agit de réparer des caisses en plastique pour les criées locales.
  • Oscos-Eo FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The local fishing sector is made up of small-scale inshore operations and shellfish gathering. The only oyster farms in Asturias are also located in this territory. Other relevant economic activities carried out in the FLAG´s territory are agriculture and rural tourism.
  • GPS012-goosebarnacle

    Innovation in goose barnacle traceability

    - Good Practice Short Story
    The harvesting of goose barnacles (Pollicipes pollicipes) is an important economic activity in the Berlengas archipelago, located north of Lisbon around the Peniche peninsula.
  • Outer Hebrides FLAG --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020--

    - Fiches FLAG
    --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020-- The Outer Hebrides is a chain of more than 100 islands and skerries located about 70 kilometres north west of mainland Scotland, of which 15 are inhabited. The Outer Hebrides Fisheries Area is defined using the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Local Authority area which is has the same boundaries as many other organisations including the Outer Hebrides Inshore Fisheries Group.
  • PROMIS map DK

    Project Result-Oriented Management Information System (PROMIS)

    - Good Practice Method
    Pour aider les GAL et les FLAG dans la sélection des projets et rationaliser la prise de décision, l'autorité de gestion (AG) danoise a développé un système informatique qui couvre l'ensemble de la procédure, depuis le dépôt du dossier de candidature jusqu’au suivi et à l’évaluation, en passant par le processus de sélection, l'approbation et le rapport final.
  • Telecapeche

    - Good Practice Project
    TELECAPECHE est un dispositif électronique qui fournit des données en temps réel aux comités de pêche et d’aquaculture, les aidant ainsi à surveiller les stocks de poisson et à adopter les mesures de gestion appropriées. Le dispositif a été lancé avec le soutien de l'Axe 4. Ses concepteurs ont de grands projets pour le développer en utilisant l’approche CLLD du FEAMP.