Fisheries Areas Network

New technology

  • Enhancing native oyster stocks in Tralee Bay

    - Good Practice Project
    A fisheries cooperative embraces the use of new technology to ensure the sustainability of its native oyster stocks. By adopting spat collectors (“coupelles”) used in France, the Tralee Oyster Fisheries Society has offered a brighter future to its oyster fishers and the local tradition they represent.
  • Nessebar - Messemvria FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG’s territory is a coastal area which includes 1.5km of beaches and 670m of sand dunes. The dunes are not just a natural phenomenon, they are specific environmental habitat and an important part of the area’s coastal landscape with great ecological significance.
  • Vakava, a network for underused fish species

    - Good Practice Short Story
    By finding commercial outlets for certain fish species, especially those that tend to overpopulate, this project aims to ensure better local resource management, improving the image of undervalued species and reducing eutrophication in Finnish lakes.
  • Aquaponics to produce fish and tomatoes

    - Good Practice Project
    Movidos por el deseo de reducir el impacto de la acuicultura en el medio ambiente, un grupo de actores locales, con el apoyo inicial del GAL LEADER, ha logrado convertir la producción simbiótica de peces y tomates en un próspero negocio.
  • Cultivating microalgae for omega-3

    - Good Practice Project
    Gracias al apoyo del GALP, se ha podido crear una nueva empresa dedicada al cultivo terrestre de microalgas para la extracción de aceite, que se utilizará como nutriente en productos de tipo farmacéutico para el consumo humano.
  • Seaweed assessment and management plan along Latvia’s coast

    - Good Practice Project
    Los GALP letones se asociaron para poner en marcha un proyecto de cooperación consistente en financiar un estudio destinado a valorar el potencial de producción de algas de las aguas letonas, junto con opciones para un plan de gestión que garantice una explotación sostenible de dicho recurso.
  • Detecting toxic microalgae

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Oyster farms on the Leucate lagoon are regularly affected by toxic phytoplankton, leading to economic losses, especially during the high season around Christmas. In search of a solution, shellfish farmers teamed up with a biotech start-up to test a new, quick and easy way to detect toxic marine microalgae and anticipate its proliferation.
  • Crushed shells and 3D printing

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Olbia, the northern area of Sardinia, the shells of mussels are no longer considered waste. With the help of the FLAG, local students and teachers are using crushed shells to create useful objects of all sorts, from moulds created by 3D printing.
  • Trialling more selective lobster pots

    - Good Practice Project
    El GALP coopera con el organismo gestor de la pesca local para animar a los pescadores a probar nasas langosteras con aberturas de escape especialmente diseñadas, que proporcionan beneficios tanto comerciales como para el medio ambiente.
  • Cilento Blue Sea FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG's territory is characterised by diverse coastal areas and inland hills. Many areas in the region are protected and are important environmentally.