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Sea fishing and sightseeing offered by a Baltic fisherman

Ģirts Purviņš is the owner of GP Trading Ltd. and an experienced freshwater and saltwater fisherman. With the support of his local FLAG he has diversified his activities and the area’s tourism offer.
These activities are interesting for everyone - experienced anglers, children and seniors. They raise interest in the sea and the natural and fisheries resources it offers. They also create a positive image of fishing and angling. During the trip, clients learn about fish migration places, fishing restrictions etc. and the catch is offered to the client, providing a delicious and healthy meal.
North Kurzeme FLAG Manager

Following a market research study, Mr Purviņš discovered that there was no offer in the area for Baltic Sea fishing tourism. He decided to grasp this opportunity and expand his business by offering tourists and locals new tourism services. With the help of the FLAG, the fisherman has developed two types of all year-round tourism products: leisure fishing on the Baltic Sea and guided fisheries tour of the Baltic Sea coast. The fishing activities include morning or evenings outings and clients can try different types of fishing practices (salmon catching, fishing with a jig, planer boards or angling with a rod etc.). The sightseeing tours are offered to those interested in exploring the natural landscape of the Baltic Sea coast and discovering the fisheries heritage of the area. This service is becoming increasingly popular among locals, including for weddings and birthday gifts.

The project which started in March 2017 has attracted an average of 40-50 tourists per month in high season (spring and summer), increasing the turnover of the company and creating a new part-time job.


Budget €50 998
EU contribution €29 731
  • EMFF: €29 731
Other public contribution €5 247
  • National: €5 247
Private contribution €16 020


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