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Reviving the fisheries sector by promoting local seafood

To support the economic revival of the local fishing sector following the COVID-19 crisis, the local fishing communities of the Hauts-de-France region have launched a weekly column in newspapers to promote their seafood products.
Thanks to this project, it has been possible to showcase all the sectors of seafood activity in the Hauts-de-France region to the general public. This project has helped to boost the consumption of local seafood during and after the COVID-19 containment period.
Valérie Rioust - project supervisor

The Opale Coast and Three Estuaries FLAGs, which cover the region, surveyed the stakeholders in the areas seafood sector at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, with the objective of collecting their ideas for strengthening local production and its sustainability when economic activity resumes.

Stakeholders identified promotion and communication as being important in the survey. As such, the FLAGs have now developed a promotion campaign with the help of a communications consultancy. The campaign consisted of two fun and playful and educational advertisements over a double-page spread in local and regional newspapers focused on both fishing and aquaculture products.

The campaign, which ran for a total of five weeks, was based on promoting local seafood, as well as training opportunities, meaning it was also able to promote the generational renewal of the sector. Twice a week, readers were able to discover local recipes cooking techniques, enjoy a seafood quiz, and acquire ‘tips’ related to the specific fishing activity featured that week. Each of the weekly campaign instalments were translated into English for wider distribution.


Budget €39 997
EU contribution €19 998,5
  • EMFF: €19 998,5
Other public contribution €19 998,5
  • Regional: €19 998,5

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