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Promoting the territory through culinary heritage and local seafood

The Gargano LAG integrated the promotion of cultural and gastronomy heritage into their local development plan. This includes the development and promotion of the seafood sector. To do so, it supported the development of the Pesca Mia app, which connects the seafood sector, restaurants and private consumers.
Pesca Mia has really strengthened the relation between fishermen and local consumers. The consumers are happy to be able to get high quality products directly from the boat. It also helps fishermen to sell their catch easily, it is particularly beneficial during the COVID19 pandemic, for both fishermen and consumers.
Annarosa Notarangelo, Technical Director at Gargano LAG

Reinforcing the relation between seadfood producers, the gastronomic sector and private consumers can play an important role in supporting the development of an area. The Pesca Mia app was created to support fishers and aquaculture producers in communicating around their products, improving their marketing capacity, and promoting direct sales of local seafood.

On Pesca Mia, fishers can upload information about their products, enabling consumers to order them. This offers fishers a new communication and sales tool and ensures better seafood traceability, availability and diversity for private consumers and restaurants.

On top of this improved connection between the local stakeholders, Pesca Mia promotes the gastronomical and cultural heritage of the area, supporting its development in a holistic way. To promote the app, the Gargano LAG is involved in several activities such as video creation or seminars, while having a good online press coverage, and communicating about Pesca Mia to the local community via local and electronic press, social media and word of mouth.


Budget €200 000
EU contribution €100 000
  • EMFF: €100 000
Other public contribution €100 000
  • National: €70 000
  • Regional: €30 000

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