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Port development through local cooperation in Sweden

The operation of Hästholmen harbour involves the cooperation of several local actors. Through a series of FLAG projects, the port has been improved and developed in accordance with the local community’s needs and opportunities.
"Overall, well-planned investments in a small community together with external funding and good local co-operation means that Hästholmen today has a well-developed and well-functioning Harbour for recreational fishing and other recreational boat traffic.”
Adam Johansson, FLAG Leader Vättern Executive Manager.

The company, operating Hästholmen harbour, is owned by the municipality of Ödeshög. Its board, elected by the municipality, includes several members of the Hästholmen village community and when it comes to decision making, a series of associations such as these of local commercial and recreational fishermen are closely involved. This participative model allows for well-planned investments that have made Hästholmen an active port all year round. A wide variety of activities and facilities have been established in collaboration with local interest groups, for instance a camping site, restaurant, recreational fishing club, a scuba diving club and crayfish cooking competitions. FLAG Vättern has supported several projects in Hästholmen harbour, including the establishment of a plan for the development of the port in consultation with interested parties; the construction of a building for cleaning of fish; and the restoration of traditional boat houses in the port.


Budget €1 700 000
EU contribution €430 000
  • EMFF: €430 000
Other public contribution €470 000
  • National: €330 000
  • Regional: €140 000
Private contribution €800 000
  • Total project cost: €1700 000
  • EU contribution (EMFF): €430 000
  • Other public contribution:
  • National/regional: €330 000;
  • Local (Municipality): €140 000
  • Private contribution: Hästholmen Harbour company (Ödeshögsbostader AB, owned by the Municipality): €800 000


Hästholmens Hamn och Magasin AB / Ödeshögs kommun

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