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Orchestrating a new Marine Protected Area

In collaboration with WWF Spain, and levering in funding from UP 1 of the EMFF, the Cádiz Estrecho FLAG is setting up an MPA to ensure the sustainable future of its natural environment and fisheries. While the fisheries of Cádiz have always been proactive in the protection of natural resources, further measures were deemed necessary to sufficiently protect the area’s marine environment.
This is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity in Spanish waters. Its importance must be recognised through the creation of a Marine Protected Area, which requires the consensus of all: artisanal fishers and recreational fishermen, as well as following minimum environmental requirements that could guarantee its sustainability
Nicolás Fernández, FLAG President

For over thirty years, the fishermen of the coastal village of Conil have used self-regulatory measures to protect the fishing grounds of the Cape of Roche area from illegal activities. However, to further protect the area’s fisheries a new Marine Protected Area (MPA) is being developed to provide greater control of natural resources and establishes guidelines for a more sustainable fisheries industry.

To reach a consensus following an extensive consultation process, the FLAG sought the support of local fisheries enterprises, scientific institutes, NGOs and public actors at both local and national level. Several workshops between stakeholders were organised and laid the initial foundations for the creation of the MPA. To then bring the project to fruition, the FLAG participated in a local governance initiative, led by WWF Spain, aimed at improving the environmental protection of the Cape Roche Sea. 

Thanks to this project, funded by Union Priority 1 of the EMMF, preliminary research is now being conducted which will not only allow the creation of the new MPA but will also allow Cape of Roche to become part of the Natura 2000 network, the main institution for the conservation of the EU's biodiversity.


Budget €81 522
EU contribution €45 855
  • EMFF: €45 855
Other public contribution €15 285
  • National: €15 285
Private contribution €20 382

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