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O Cabaz do Mar - Getting closer to the customer

The “Cabaz do mar” or basket of the sea is a short chain marketing scheme set up by a partnership between TAIPA, a local development company, and an association of inhabitants and fishermen in Azenha do Mar.
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By buying these seafood baskets consumers do much more than choose local, high quality products, they also contribute directly to creating a responsible local economy.
Telma Guerreiro (TAIPA)

The project was supported by the Além Tejo FLAG and aims to generate additional income for local fishermen, as well as to promote their proactive involvement in local economic development. The first step was the design of a short chain distribution scheme that would bring fishermen closer to local consumers by giving them the opportunity to sign up for regular deliveries of local fish. This was followed by the investment in the necessary equipment, logistics and communications.

Today, a total of 66 fishermen contribute to the project. Baskets are sold at a fixed price of €22, but their composition can be modified according to the catch, a principle agreed with consumers when they sign up for the scheme. By making up 1/3 of the weight of each basket with undervalued/lesser known species, the project is helping to increase awareness and demand for species such as pouting, which has gone up in price from 1€/kg to 4€/kg on the local market.

In addition to providing fishermen with additional income, increased visibility and better recognition, the project also ensured their active involvement in all aspects, from conception, through to the processing, packaging and delivery of the catch.



Budget €75 136,4
EU contribution €42 264,2
  • EMFF: €42 264,2
Other public contribution €14 088,1
  • National: €14 088,1
Private contribution €18 784,1




Azenha do Mar - Associação Cultural e de Desenvolvimento de Pescadores e Moradores
FLAG Litoral Alentejano


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