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New quality label in Croatia promotes restaurants serving local fish

In Dalmatia, fishermen and restaurants received support from Galeb FLAG to create the ‘Fishermen recommend’ scheme and quality label, endorsing local fish products.
I'm pleasantly surprised and very pleased (by the “Fishermen recommend” scheme). I believe it will help fishermen a lot, not only materially but also emotionally.
Anton Roca, fishermen participating in the ‘Fishermen recommend’ scheme

The scheme aims to distinguish the restaurants that serve local, fresh fish, from those with imported fish on their menu, often mislabelled as local fish. In turn, this will help the local fishermen sell their fish at a better price and highlight their work at the heart of the community. In addition, Galeb FLAG hopes that the project will promote this part of south Croatia as a tourist destination with exceptional gastronomy thanks to its quality fish products.

Up to now, 26 fishermen and 12 restaurants have been included in the project, with the aim of increasing these numbers soon. The restaurants awarded the quality label must meet three main requirements:

(1) Purchase products that are part of the scheme directly from the fishermen;

(2) Have fish as a prominent product on their menu;

(3) Offer at least a few dishes with undervalued species, such as anchovy or sardine, that are usually unpopular among tourists despite their high nutritional value.

Now that the project is up and running, Galeb FLAG is focusing its efforts on promoting the scheme through social media (project’s website, Facebook, Instagram) and local and national media. Feedback from the fishermen, restaurants and customers has been very positive.


Budget €5 000
EU contribution €4 250
  • EMFF: €4 250
Other public contribution €750
  • National: €750


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