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The Millennium Tuna Route

With local unemployment standing at over 34% and an isolated and struggling fishing sector, Cádiz Estrecho FLAG has invested in promoting its fishing heritage – and in particular its traditional “almadraba” tuna fishing activity, which dates back to Phoenicians times – as a unique selling point to attract quality tourism beyond the peak season.
The Millennium Tuna Route, is an integrated project. Our province needs a binding force behind our companies and the different economic sectors. The main sector here is fisheries - that's why the Millennium Tuna Route must focus on the future without leaving the sea behind. All the activities of this project have a clear focus: the fisheries community and the Strait of Cadiz coast.
Nicolas Fernandez, Cádiz Estrecho FLAG President

Led by the fisheries association of Conil, this project has brought together different local fishing organisations, fish auctions and processing companies to develop different guided tours and workshops linked to these traditional activities and package and promote them as part of a comprehensive tourist offer, alongside general tourist activities, nature sites and cultural and gastronomic experiences. The Millennium Tuna Route is the fruit of this cooperation among fisheries and tourism stakeholders.

In two short years the project has developed a series of tools to promote the local assets of Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa and La Linea de la Concepción, while placing fisheries firmly at the heart of the area’s identity. Large tuna sculptures now stand proudly along the coast, a website has been developed to provide information on the diverse tourism offer of the Cadiz Straights and local and international tourist operators have been mobilised to promote the Millennium Tuna Route. An app for smartphones with a geolocation system, QR codes, promotional videos and monoliths have all been developed to help visitors discover the local treasures of the area as well basic information on where to stay and where to eat quality local fish.  

This promotion has given the Straights of Cadiz a boost of around €200 000 to the local economy thanks to increased numbers of tourists visiting and staying in the region, more bookings with restaurants and local tourism companies and progressive growth in the average spend per visitor. The project has also contributed to increase the income of local fishermen. The success of this initiative rests on effective, cross-sectoral cooperation and a strategic focus on the interests of local economics stakeholders.

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Budget €409 239,8
EU contribution €291 930
  • EMFF: €291 930
Other public contribution €97 309,8
  • Regional: €97 309,8
Private contribution €20 000



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