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Maritime job sharing

FLAG supports the setting up of an organisation to encourage and facilitate job sharing between local oyster farming activities and the fishing sector.
The association of employers, GE2M, is a tool to address the needs for flexibility of the oyster farming sector as society and our working environment evolves.
Olivier LABAN, President of GE2M

Oyster farming and its products animates the local life of the Arcachon Bay. However, sales are mostly concentrated at the end of the year and, increasingly in the last ten years, during the summer period. The strong seasonality of demand for oysters implies a need for flexibility and makes recruitment of the right number and calibre of workers, at the right time, a particular challenge.

With the support of the local public authorities, the oyster farming sector initiated a feasibility study for the creation of a form of job-sharing. The study was carried out from May to November 2017 and explored the recruitment needs of oyster farming as well as the potential complementarity with those working in fisheries, especially the fish trade sector and the administrative part of the fishing activity. 

The results of this study, along with various meetings between oyster farmers, fishermen and local politicians, has led to the setting up of the association GE2M (Groupement d’Employeurs des Métiers de la Mer, or association of maritime employers). In 2018, supported by the Arcachon FLAG, GE2M will initiate its activities to identify, attract and recruit young people to work on different marine activities during the year, in line with the different seasonal needs of each sector.


Budget €33 782
EU contribution €13 513
  • EMFF: €13 513
Other public contribution €20 269
  • Regional: €13 513
  • Local: €6 756
  • Total project cost of the feasibility study: €33 782 (EMFF, regional and local contributions)
  • Total project cost of setting up the association GE2M: €100 000


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