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Making local products the brand of the area

The Carp Valley FLAG strategy has a clear focus on encouraging local entrepreneurship. The area, highly dependent on inland fisheries and aquaculture, uses its products as an engine for diversification, tourism promotion and awareness-raising about the assets of the territory.
It is clear that after opening the stand of Carp Valley local products in our supermarket their sales significantly increased. The products are of high quality and they are now all in one place with the logo of the Carp Valley brand well visible. The staff encourages people to buy these products and inform customers about their quality and unique character. Thus, we promote healthy products and strengthen local identity
Katarzyna Górecka, project beneficiary

The star product of this region is the Zator carp (a locally-bred variety of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio) the only fish in Poland with the European certificate of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). With other traditional food products, it forms a local promotion plan that encompasses the common gastronomic heritage of this area.

For this, the FLAG supported the creation of a cooperation network between different local stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, local producers and regional authorities, to ensure that these products were available all year round. In addition to ensuring the supply to the local population, this would enable tourists to learn about and acquire these products, increasing the visibility of the area.

It also created a mosaic logo featuring a carp, used to identify and certify the products and services of the valley. This local brand is given to high quality products, both due to their high environmental value and their value to users. After five years of promoting the brand there are already 15 organisations involved, 17 local products and 13 services (which include restaurants with tasting menus of local fish products and boat services for nautical activities). Likewise, innovation has also been promoted, giving rise to products such as sausages, hamburgers and pizzas made with carp.

The FLAG has also launched a campaign to improve the marketing of these products. In Zator, the capital of the area, a FLAG grant supported the creation of a special stand in a local supermarket to sell all these local products marked with the Carp Valley logo. Two jobs have been created thanks to it. With more than 500 clients per day, this platform has ensured supply to tourists and locals, and has reinforced the local identity, since the product’s reputation has increased such that, it is requested by other companies in the area. It is also motivating cooperation with other external agents in and outside the area, for the exchange of local products.

Based on the success of the supermarket, the FLAG is preparing a campaign of distributing special racks to showcase local products to restaurants, shops and rural accommodation and tourist facilities. 35 such racks with the Carp Valley logo and brand have been prepared and are being distributed.


Budget €180 000
EU contribution €63 750
  • EMFF: €63 750
Other public contribution €11 250
  • National: €11 250
Private contribution €105 000

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