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Innovation on board helps shorten the supply chain

Dansk Økomusling Aps is a company based in the Thy-Mors area of Northern Denmark. Until now, their line mussels were harvested, packed unsorted in 1000 kg mesh bags and sent overseas for processing before returning to be sold on the Danish market. This created a lengthy supply chain that often reduced the overall quality, increased the costs and the carbon footprint of their products.
Less waste, less transport, better quality, better preservation… consumers nowadays are looking for these features and we believe this pilot project can provide an alternative to the current practice led by the industry.
Lars Erik, Project Promoter

Dansk Økomusling Aps looked for ways to improve their process and teamed up with a manufacturer of sea processing equipment and a web designer to develop an innovative packing system for mussels – a first in Denmark.

The Thy-Mors FLAG helped set up the pilot project of developing, designing and testing a machine to make it possible to clean, sort and pack mussels directly on the harvest vessel while still at sea. This greatly shortens the supply chain and reduces packaging waste, all the while ensuring a lower mortality rate of the molluscs and longer quality preservation. It also implies lower costs for the company and increased local employment in aquaculture.

In addition, the project aims to improve the marketing of the products, capitalising on the increased sustainability of their process. To this end, the company's refrigerated vehicle will be set up for direct delivery, including the equipment for the weighing, documentation, traceability etc. of the products. In addition, a new website has been developed along with a social media launch strategy.



Budget €32 557
EU contribution €10 555
  • EMFF: €10 555
Other public contribution €5 724
  • National: €5 724
Private contribution €16 278




Dansk Økomusling Aps

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Ms. Inger Bøgh Bisgaard
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Dansk Økomusling Aps
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