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FiskOnline - The pathway to eco-certification

FiskOnline has established a pathway for local fishermen to gain certification for the sustainability for their fishing activities.
With FiskOnline we managed to improve our profitability, not only by investing in better equipment but also by developing new ways of thinking, by fishing more sustainably and by getting closer to the consumer through direct sales. As fishermen we enjoyed this project very much.
Fisherman involved in the project

KRAV is the most renowned certificate of sustainability in Sweden. However, achieving accreditation is a lengthy and costly process and requires significant research to gather the necessary data. FiskOnline helps fishermen to navigate this process, achieve accreditation and sell their catch online.

The success of the project is based on cooperation and partnership between fishermen, scientists, local authorities and the Blekinge FLAG (programming period 2007-2013). Through the direct support of an experienced project coordinator, fishermen are given a clear understanding of what is required to achieve accreditation. They receive advice on improving the environmental sustainability of their fishing activities, handling practices and sales, and assistance in preparing applications to have local fish certified.

The project has already helped one fisherman to achieve KRAV certification for cod. Work on KRAV accreditation for pike and perch is ongoing. The benefits of the cod certification are significant, with an increase in profitability of 20-25% for KRAV certified catch.




Budget €31 231,8
EU contribution €15 615,9
  • EMFF: €15 615,9
Other public contribution €15 615,9
  • National: €15 615,9




FiskOnline Sverige AB


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Mr. Ingmar Elofsson
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FiskOnline Sverige AB
Mr. Patrik Stjerna
+46 70 800 1600
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