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Fishermen acquire new knowledge and skills

During a public consultation on the development of the Larnaca Famagusta FLAG strategy (2007/2014), local fishermen expressed a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills in areas that would help them to diversify their sources of income.
“This was the first time that Cypriot fishermen had the opportunity for training on themes related to the diversification of their businesses. It was also a first opportunity for them to meet with small-scale fishermen from Crete to exchange knowledge and solutions”
Makis Papamichael,

Specifically, members of the PanCyprian Association of Professional Fishermen highlighted their interest in training on themes such as the legal and technical requirements to engage in direct sales and pesca-tourism.

A training programme was subsequently developed and implemented by the Educational Center of Larnaca. It included the organisation of two separate sessions, amounting to a total of 180 hours. These sessions were specifically aimed at professional fishermen and included an educational trip. The main topics addressed through the training were: marketing, communications, promotion, new technologies and computers, logistics, legislation, and health and safety legislation.

This certified training programme was attended by 35 fishermen, who took a final examination. On this basis, 15 participants were selected for an educational trip to Crete (Greece), where they learned from local fishermen about the real-life experience of pesca-tourism and direct-sales.

On completion of the training, one of the fishermen launched a pesca-tourism activity, while four others increased their income through the development of direct sales activities. In addition to these immediate results, the training was also considered highly beneficial by other participants, who saw that the FLAG was taking account of their needs and expectations.



Budget €112 000
EU contribution €56 000
  • EMFF: €56 000
Other public contribution €56 000
  • National: €56 000




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