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Extra-curricular learning venues on small-scale fisheries

A response to low awareness and understanding of fisheries sees a concerted effort to strengthen educational work on the fishing industry along the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony, using different locations for an enhanced learning experience.
Ann Katrin von dein KGS Wittmund
"The aim of the project is to provide children and young people in the Lower Saxony North Sea Coast region with more information about the local fishing industry and to generate interest in the occupational field."
Professor Martina Flath, Head of the Competence Centre for Regional Learning

Few school pupils in the German North Sea region are aware of the important role that fisheries play in the regional economy along the coast. Moreover, little is generally known about fisheries or about the job opportunities in the industry. The Lower Saxon North Sea Coast FLAG was keen to enhance the knowledge of the young generation on small-scale coastal fisheries and to attract young talent to the sector. While education and information on fishing for adults was available, primarily in National Park houses, museums or tourist offices, there were very few examples of cooperation with schools in the area and barely any teaching materials on the subject.

Working with the Competence Centre for Regional Learning of the University of Vechta, the FLAG therefore supported the development of three learning modules which can be used by schools for their classes of 10-15 year-olds. The educational package includes using three different venues for the learning experience: a fishing boat in a small harbour, a fisheries museum and the Wadden Sea National Park House. Each module includes an in-school preparation, an interactive pedagogic visit to a venue and a follow-up of this visit in school.

All the test-runs were evaluated during the course of the project. During the two years of the project, structures and networks emerged that will substantially strengthen the regional education on the area’s small-scale fishery in the long term.

For more information on the project, contact: Annemarie Schweers, annemarie.schweers@uni-vechta.de


Budget €138 147
EU contribution €110 010
  • EMFF: €110 010
Other public contribution €18 414
  • Regional: €18 414
Private contribution €9 723


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