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Attracting young people to the fisheries sector in the Chioggia and Po Delta

The Chioggia and Po Delta FLAG has successfully convinced a high school to launch an official training programme in commercial fishing and fish production. The FLAG used their animation activities, together with fisheries stakeholders and the wider local community, to attract their first groups of students who will become the entrepreneurs of the future.
It is important to have a professional qualification linked to fishing entrepreneurship. We have had it for agriculture for years, and now our students can enter the labour market with an official qualification, recognised by the Ministry of Education. Being a fisher is much more than going to the sea and bringing the fish back to land; it’s about being an entrepreneur and contributing to the health of our sea and fish stocks
Armanda Tosatto, Professor responsible for the training

Training opportunities through schools are few in the Chioggia and Po Delta area and the dropout rate of pupils is high. At the same time, professional fishing is poorly perceived, which makes it less attractive for young people to enter the industry. To address these two problems, the FLAG started animation activities to encourage the Istituto Professionale Settore Industria Artigianato (IPSIA) in Porto Tolle to implement a training program on fisheries entrepreneurship. The training is focused on ensuring a wide range of skills adapted to the modern reality of professional fisheries (e.g. navigation, safety on board, sustainable fishing techniques, supply chain, marketing, and entrepreneurship). Through the training, the FLAG aims to change the image of the fisheries sector, attracting more young people to work in the industry and prevent them leaving the area. The first class will graduate in 2023, with 30 students obtaining their professional qualification.

One of the barriers faced by the IPSIA was the national requirement defining a minimum quota of 20 pupils in a class to launch and run a training programme in public schools; which is a challenge in a low populated area like the Po Delta. With the help of the FLAG’s communication efforts to inform and involve the families living in the area, the institute was finally able to recruit two groups of pupils, who started their training in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, the FLAG was able to secure financial contributions from the Chioggia municipality and the local fisheries organisation for the project which cover some expenses, such as a school bus.


Budget €38 768
EU contribution €19 384
  • EMFF: €19 384
Other public contribution €19 384
  • National: €9 692
  • Regional: €9 692

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