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Attracting the young to oyster farming

Having declined from 1000 oyster farms in 1970 to just 300 in 2015, the Bassin d´Arcachon FLAG area has seen the number of oyster farmers stabilize, thanks, in part, to work with 13 different schools to take pupils out on oyster boats to see what it means to be an oyster farmer.
We wanted the young to experience this profession for themselves to help them discover a potential career path. Thanks to financing from the FLAG, we were able to cover the costs of making this a reality.
Jean-Charles Mauviot, former Director of the CRCAA (Régional Shellfish Farming Committee)

With its large shallow bay and famous Dune of Pilat, Arcachon is an attractive area which has become increasingly reliant on tourism, while traditional production activities such as aquaculture have struggled to retain their place in the local economy. This decline in oyster farms has also been detrimental to the marine environment, given the important role oysters play in maintaining water quality.  

To halt this downturn, the Regional Shellfish Farming Committee partnered with local maritime college and the careers office to promote oyster farming as an attractive career for the young. Oyster farmers took time out of their day job to go into schools and talk about their work and excursions were organised outside school hours for pupils to visit the area’s oyster farms.  Boats specially equipped for pesca-tourism allowed pupils to see the activity close-up, followed up an opportunity to taste the oysters.

Around 10 youngsters a year are now starting up as oyster farmers in the area and the FLAG has further plans to promote the local fishing activity and the availability of local seafood in school canteens.


Budget €12 000
EU contribution €6 000
  • EMFF: €6 000
Other public contribution €6 000
  • National: €1 200
  • Local: €4 800

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