Fisheries Areas Network

Good Practice Projects

  • EcoExplorer, marine mammal observation in the Algarve

    Coming from a long-established fishing family, André felt it was time to innovate their ways of utilizing the sea. He’s managed to do just that by setting up marine discovery tours in his traditional fishing village of Ferragudo, Portugal. Today, he shares his passion and knowledge of the local environment with the region’s tourists.
  • Supporting Seafood Businesses

    United Kingdom
    Business support, Promotion, Short circuits, Education and training
    A combination of one-to-one engagement with local fisheries businesses, networking them with each other and the provision of business mentoring support has helped improve the supply of local fish into the Northern Devon market and create new economic activities.
  • clld020-scallop

    Cultivating Queen Scallops

    Adding value to fisheries, Aquaculture, Processing, Youth
    Scallop fishermen teamed up with scientists to study the possibility of cultivating Queen Scallops in the Vigo Estuary, diversifying their production method and improving the sustainability of their activity.
  • clld017-boat

    Microcredit for small-scale fishermen

    Adding value to fisheries, Business support, Youth
    Fishermen often find it difficult to obtain loans. Because they do not always fit the standard profile of a borrower, they can be categorised as ‘non-bankable’. Recent discussions with the local fishermen made clear the need for the FLAG to provide them with a more accessible credit system to help fund their initiatives.
  • PL-northern-fish-trail-map

    Northern Fisheries Trail

    Diversification, Tourism, Environment, Cultural heritage
    Nine Polish FLAGs 2007-2013 were involved in this cooperation project to develop a tourist trail – a tourism and education product which links and promotes attractions related to the fisheries heritage of three coastal regions in Poland.
  • Certified octopus fishery

    Labelling, Traceability
    With the support of Axis 4, a Spanish octopus fishery became the world’s first to receive Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, opening up new marketing opportunities to the local fleet.
  • Fishtaverns - Upgrading product and service quality in local seafood restaurants

    Gastronomy, Tourism, Education and training
    The “Fishtaverns” project aims to raise the quality standards of local seafood restaurants – their products and hosting capabilities – notably by improving the use of fresh fisheries products and applying attractive communication tools.
  • Vianapesca PO - Product placement – Promoting canned fish with a story

    Adding value to fisheries, Promotion
    This project by the Vianapesca Producer Organisation (PO) focused on adding value to local fisheries products through processing and a marketing campaign. Faced with the problem of low prices, the Vianapesca PO needed to find a way to enhance the value of low priced fish such as mackerel and sardine. It therefore approached the FLAG with the idea of designing a project on adding value.
  • Telecapeche

    New technology
    TELECAPECHE is an e-technology system that provides real-time data to local fisheries and aquaculture committees, helping them to monitor fish stocks and adopt suitable management measures. Launched with Axis 4 support, the system’s creators are now looking at some big developments using CLLD under the EMFF.
  • MediterRadio

    Tourism, Society and culture, Cultural heritage, Youth
    As part of a broader cooperation project to promote the image of fishing and the coastal culture of the Mediterranean, a new online radio station gives a voice to ideas, news, culture and activities related to fisheries and the sea.