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Supporting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture businesses

The development of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture businesses in the Western Lithuania FLAG area is a vital part of the economic development of regions such as Klaipeda and Priekulė. This project, implemented by a small local company, aims to improve the processing of local fisheries and aquaculture products through a series of FLAG-funded strategic investments.


The fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the area face several challenges including the decline of fish stocks in the Curonian Lagoon, one of the two main sources of fish in Klaipeda region. Unemployment stemming from the seasonality of the fishing activities is also a significant challenge for the region. There is a lack of infrastructure for the local processing and storage of fisheries products which prevent the area from achieving the optimal exploitation of local resources. Although market demand is stable throughout the year, supply is unpredictable due to seasonal fishing which is a problem for smaller customers who are unable to pick up produce in large quantities.

The project, implemented by Adomas Vaišnoras, owner of a small fish farm, focused on making several key investments. The funds were used for the installation of refrigeration facilities allowing for better preservation of raw materials, as well as the purchase of new equipment including scales, a vehicle, washing facilities and the installation of new and improved power lines. Through these improvements, the company is now able to diversify its products and extent its supply chains to inland areas and Baltic sea. New products include species such as oyster, roach, bream and hake, and a series of dried products made from flounder and cod.

Thanks to these FLAG-funded investments, not only has the profitability of the fishery increased, but also they have been able to guarantee the maintenance of a 20 year old fish processing company which is steeped in history and based on family traditions passed down through generations.


After the implementation of the project, a new full-time job on fish processing was created, and the range of fish products has increased, including inland fish, some of them invasive marine species, such as roach and bream. Thanks to the FLAG support, this local company is now able to carry out primary processing of the fish, covering the sorting, chilling and proper packaging. This increased the revenue of the company and provided an opportunity to reach more direct buyers by transporting the products directly to them, doubling the number of customers.


This project was selected in response to the FLAG's decision to make investments for promoting the added value of fisheries and aquaculture products and facilitating their integration into the food supply chain by providing funding opportunities to process these products and sell them directly to consumers. This process should be followed for identifying the main problems to be tackled in achieving the social and economic development of its area, adapting the criteria for the selection of projects that address them.

Lessons & contribution to CLLD objectives: 

Lessons: The prior relationship and good communication between the FLAG and the beneficiary was essential for the correct formulation of the project. Receiving clear and precise explanations about the conditions to be met for the acquisition of equipment avoided misunderstandings, which made the application process faster and more efficient.

Contribution to CLLD objective: (a) adding value, creating jobs, attracting young people, and promoting innovation at all stages of the supply chain of fishery and aquaculture products.


Total project cost €50 000
FLAG grant €50 000
  • EU contribution (EMFF): €37 500
  • Public contribution (national): €12 500
Beneficiary contribution €71 001

Project information

Timeframe of implementation From Dec 2018 to Feb 2020
Sea Basins
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Adomas Vaišnoras

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FLAG Contacts

Mr. Egidijus Narevičius
(+370) 64041633
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