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Implantación de un restaurante en la lonja del Puerto de Gandia
A new FLAG supports the fusion of gastronomy, “eating local” and fisheries heritage by supporting an atypical restaurant in the port of Gandía.


The restaurant La Llotja Cuina de Mar ('The fish auction, marine cuisine') has opened its doors in Gandía's port, on the top floor of a building shared by the local Cofradía (fishermen's association), the town hall and the Port of Valencia. La Safor FLAG had long considered the idea of setting up a restaurant in this empty building. It was an innovative idea, which could attract people to the port while promoting fisheries heritage and the consumption of local fish. In one FLAG meeting, they met Diverfun Safor, a successful, young company experienced in the catering sector. It was love at first sight. With the FLAG’s support, Diverfun was able to install the kitchens and furnish the restaurant and, after much hard work, this new gastronomic space finally saw the light in January 2018.

Diverfun Safor wanted to offer customers freshly caught products from Gandía's fish auction on the ground floor. The restaurant has a glass viewing area on one side that allows customers to watch the fish auction that takes place below every afternoon. The project promoters not only rent the premises from the Cofradía but, in order to promote local products, they have also committed themselves to buying fish from the local fish auction, including undervalued and commonly discarded fish, which are now on the menu daily.

To liven up the wait until the next dish, customers can also browse the monthly magazine published by the restaurant itself and dedicated to local marine culture and cuisine. Moreover, local fisherman are particularly encouraged as customers, benefiting from a special discount.


This new restaurant employs 19 people and is open from Monday to Sunday all year round, offering lunch and dinner menus. Consequently, the restaurant has managed to overcome the seasonality issue common in the area, where staff recruitment occurs predominantly in the summer. The restaurant has a capacity for around 50 people and its privileged location in the port, together with the novelty of the services offered, has turned it into an attractive asset for the area. 


Innovative restaurants that promote the consumption of local and undervalued fish have a place in most FLAG areas. This is especially the case where existing infrastructure is available and where there are local species whose commercial value have potential to be increased.

Lessons & contribution to CLLD objectives: 

The project offers a win-win situation: the fishermen's association derives benefits from renting its premises and, at the same time, increases its local sales, including of otherwise discarded fish, while promoting fisheries heritage. The project promoters, for their part, have managed to launch a successful business, benefiting from the location and its tourist attraction.


Contribution to CLLD objective: adding value and promoting innovation along the fisheries supply chain.


Total project cost €150 961,34
FLAG grant €52 856,47
  • EU contribution (EMFF): €44 911
  • Public contribution (regional): €7 945,47
Beneficiary contribution €98 104,87

Project information

Timeframe of implementation From Sep 2017 to Sep 2018
Sea Basins
Type of area


Diverfun Safor SL


Contact details

FLAG Contacts

Ms. Amparo Aleixandre
Telf. 961620347 - 605468240 (El Palmar)

FLAG Contacts

Mr. Enrique Ferrer Moragues
Telf.962842919 - 659518353 (Gandia)
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