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Converting a former mining area into a recreational and professional space for fisheries

Supported by the South Leipzig FLAG, the dynamic redevelopment of former coal mining area into recreational and professional ‘fishing base’ will improve fisheries production and further develop local tourism in the Störmthal lake region.


The South Leipzig area FLAG is characterised by widespread artificial lakes, such as Störmthal, which were formally opencast coal mining pits. While fishing in the area is relatively small in comparison to pond farming, the newly created manmade lakes are increasingly being used by recreational fishers and anglers.

Angling is a huge recreational occupation of part of the inhabitants of Leipzig and its suburban areas, and it´s constantly increasing. But the artificial post-mining lakes are still underdeveloped in terms of angling infrastructure. That was why the Anglerverband Leipzig e.V., the regional angling association, which is also a recognised nature conservation association, turned to the FLAG with a proposal for the natural recovery of this unused area. The idea was to construct a jetty at the Störmthal lake that would fit the purposes of both the anglers as well as the emerging professional fishing activities. The project was designed in close coordination with the municipality, the local tourism board and a professional fisherman, who declared his wish to use the jetty for his boat.

The Anglerverband Leipzig e.V. had already built a slipping point in 2016 - the most basic infrastructure for angling - and the FLAG project focused on making a jetty from it, designed to become a ‘fishing base’ with 20 berths for the boats of anglers and three berths for boats of commercial fishermen. The jetty now also includes a spot for anglers with physical disabilities.

All the construction works took environmental aspects into consideration: all planned hydraulic structures were built only using local woods - especially larch and robinia- and the foundation was made by ‘flushing the piles’ so that no concrete was used. The bridge's revetment (a sloping structure placed in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water) is also made of untreated larch wood.


Thanks to this project, the Störmthal lake now has facilities that cater for the angling needs of the population. Furthermore, there is an increase in the demand from the angler for more angling opportunities in the greater Leipzig area which has encouraged the FLAG to support the construction of similar facilities on another lake in the FLAG area.

The project also allowed one professional fisherman to take up his activity on the lake, catching whitefish- a species which cannot be fished by the anglers through their rods, but with a sufficient mass of potential for the catch.


The development of recreational and professional fisheries in artificial lakes stemming from mining sites is an interesting activity in central Europe, in countries such as Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. This project was used as a pilot to be replicated in bigger areas and it is hoped that it will lead to an increase in the production and consumption of fish in these areas.

Lessons & contribution to CLLD objectives: 

Lessons: Big projects like this one require long-term preparation and coordination - especially in the context of developing the post-mining landscape - so it was essential for the project promotor to make use of the good local knowledge, area specificities and the local stakeholders. The different perspectives given by the FLAG, the angling association and the municipality was a key point for making the project successful and ensuring it could be replicated in other locations in the near future.

Contribution to CLLD objective: (c) enhancing and capitalising on the environmental assets of the fisheries and aquaculture areas, including operations to mitigate climate change.


Total project cost €70 754
FLAG grant €56 104
  • EU contribution (EMFF): €42 078
  • Public contribution (regional): €14 026
Beneficiary contribution €14 650

Project information

Timeframe of implementation From Oct 2018 to Apr 2019
Sea Basins
Type of area


Anglerverband Leipzig e.V.

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Ms. Annedore Bergfeld
+49 341 9124927
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