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Circular thinking to promote local shell-fishing

To promote the local shellfish activity and its products, a FLAG redevelops an area overlooking the bay where its cockle pickers work and installs a shallow outdoor pool for kids, heated with excess hot water from the nearby leisure centre.
Bay of Anllons pool heated by water from solar panels


The cockle pickers that work the Bay of Anllons are organised into an association and have a small plant where they purify their cockles before sending them to market. They also have a reception area which, with the support of the FLAG, they use to organise activities to promote their activities and produce. 

However, the area around their premises was somewhat run down and had few amenities that attracted the public. This project built on past work to promote the shell-fishing activity, by landscaping the area and fitting it out with a playground for children, a BBQ area with a viewing point over the bay and a shallow, outdoor swimming pool for children, in order to inject new life into the area.

At the same time, it resolved another problem: the nearby leisure centre had an excess production of hot water from its solar panels in summer months which presented technical challenges, including how to dispose of the unwanted warm water. The FLAG project included the infrastructure for this excess hot water to be captured and used for the outdoor children’s pool next door. As such, this heated water no longer goes to waste and local children and tourists benefit from a new attraction overlooking the Bay of Anllons at its cockle pickers.


The area overlooking the Bay of Anllons was redeveloped and an outdoor pool for kids installed, heated exclusively by unwanted warm water. From July-August the pool is attracting over 2,000 visitors, generating a token revenue of €2 652, while the Association of Anllons Cockle Pickers has stepped up its promotional activities and welcomes approximately 1,000 school children a year to learn about their activity.


The circular angle of this project will depend on the other activities present in a given area and FLAGs can be active at seeking out such opportunities. In this case, the close proximity of the leisure centre made it possible. Similar support to redevelop surrounding areas of landing and/or shell-fishing sites will be relevant in many FLAG areas, in particular the more remote ones, assuming a relatively large budget is available.

Lessons & contribution to CLLD objectives: 

Speak to as many different actors as possible regarding project ideas. In this case it was discussions with the town hall that revealed that the nearby leisure centre had an excess production of hot water during the summer. Think outside the box!


Total project cost €278 820
FLAG grant €223 056
  • EU contribution (EMFF): €136 064
  • Public contribution (national): €43 496
  • Public contribution (regional): €43 496
Beneficiary contribution €55 764
  • Municipality Cabana de Bergantiños

Project information

Timeframe of implementation From Apr 2011 to May 2011
Sea Basins
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Mr. Guillermo Gonzalez Diez
+34 981 70 73 78
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