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Wagrien-Fehmarn FLAG

Official name: 
LAG AktivRegion Wagrien-Fehmarn e. V.
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The coastal and inland rural area of Wagrien-Fehmarn is located on the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein. It covers the eastern part of the Wagrien peninsula and Fehmarn, the third biggest island in Germany. Fehmarn is linked to the mainland by the Fehmarnsund bridge and has the most used ferry connection for both the Germans and Danes to the nearby port of Rødby on the island of Falster in Denmark, lying on the Hamburg-Copenhagen axis.

Wagrien-Fehmarn is an “Aktiv-Region”, a status used in Schleswig-Holstein for territories implementing the EAFRD and also, in part, the EMFF-funded local development strategies (LDS). It is, therefore, both a LEADER LAG and a FLAG.

As the Wagrien-Fehmarn area is predominantly coastal, the eligible area for the FLAG is only a little smaller than the one for LEADER. For the 2014-2020 funding period, the FLAG has expanded its coverage to all coastal municipalities of the Aktiv-Region area.

In general, the FLAG area is strongly influenced by tourism, in particular by Baltic Sea coastal tourism at seaside resorts. Fishing is carried out by coastal boats in the Baltic Sea with cod, herring, sprat, sea trout and various flatfishes being the main target species. Some larger vessels from Heiligenhafen also operate in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and in the North Sea. Most of the catch is landed in Heiligenhafen and Fehmarn. However, the majority of the catch is sent unprocessed to auctions in the Netherlands and Denmark.

The challenges for the fisheries sector include the shortage and endangerment of fish stocks (including the eel), seasonal restrictions linked with the protection of the natural environment (Natura 2000) and with the types of gears allowed (gillnetting), the limited presence of fisheries and the progressive obsolescence of the fleet. 

Type of area:
Sea Basins:
Protected areas: 

The area includes HELCOM Marine Protected Areas (Fehmarn West with Orther Bucht and Flügger Sand), other nature conservation areas, landscape protection and bird protection areas as well as Natura 2000 areas.

66 859
Surface area (km²)
Population density
Total employment in fisheries

FLAG strategy

The FLAG strategy was developed in connection with the integrated development strategy of the Aktiv-Region for LEADER.

The FLAG strategy pursues the following goals:

  • Improving the marketing of local products related to fish
  • Stronger linkage of the fisheries sector with fishing tourism
  • Better training and qualifications for the local actors, taking place in all municipalities of the FLAG area (The geographical coverage of the FLAG area has increased in comparison to the last period).
  • Better cooperation between the regional fishing industry and the municipalities

The FLAG strategy focuses on five main themes including:  

  • The added value of “Fish as a local product"
  • Dialogue, cooperation and networking
  • Public Relations / Marketing / Information
  • Training / qualifications
  • Environmental and marine protection.
Adding value, creating jobs, and promoting innovation along the fisheries chain
Supporting diversification
Enhancing and capitalising on the environmental assets
Promoting social wellbeing and cultural heritage
Strengthening the role of fisheries communities in local development


Total public budget allocated to the FLAG for 2014-2020: 
329 411
  • EMFF: 
    280 000
  • MS co-financing: 
    49 412
  • Sources of co-funding: 

    The co-financing for the implementation of the strategy (projects) is provided by the municipalities, towns and the county. The federal land of Schleswig-Holstein provides the co-financing for running costs and animation (not included in the budget figures).

Project examples

  • “Local people buy their fish locally”: a website for marketing purposes, marketing campaign in local supermarkets, creation of stalls selling fish (e.g. building an historic smokehouse with a traditional oven as well as a restaurant and a shop);
  • Participation in culinary events / cooperation with the hotel & restaurant association and chefs, e.g. cooking courses by the sea (ports) with fresh fish and products;
  • Installation of “Fish Info huts” in the villages / ports were the cooking courses will take place, including the creation, installation or replacement of existing information panels with panels that have a common design.
  • An “East-Holstein Cookbook”.
  • “Fischlehrpfad”, a pedagogic trail on local fishing.
  • Developing and implementing the concept of a "Fish Ranger".
  • Bringing up the topic of the “life of a fisherman” in schools (also to promote the profession and raise the number of apprentices in order to preserve it from “extinction”).
  • Pesca-tourism initiative: Launch of an inclusive process with fishermen, local politicians and representatives, public authorities and tourism organisations which leads to a permission to have guests on vessels.

Calls for proposals

Projects can be presented on an ongoing basis to the decision-making body of the FLAG, the “Arbeitskreis Fischerei” which meets regularly as a working group. Project selection meetings are scheduled when needed.

Calls are published here:

Expertise & cooperation

The FLAG area has a long tradition of fishing and tourism.

There is a high interest shown by the fishermen in the development of pesca-tourism in the region, as well as exchanging and cooperating in this area of expertise.

The FLAG is interested to cooperate with other German FLAGs located in the Baltic Sea.


Accountable body: 
LAG AktivRegion Wagrien-Fehmarn Geschäftsstelle
Members of the partnership: 

The member organisations of the General Assembly of the LAG are:

  • municipalities,
  • tourism organisations,
  • nature protection organisations,
  • non-profit organisations representing economically and socially disadvantaged groups,
  • cultural organisations, (e.g. adult education centre of the municipalities),
  • private stakeholders,
  • local Council of Skilled Crafts, and
  • local sports association.

The FLAG decision-making board consists of representatives from:

  • Fischereischutzverband Schleswig-Holstein (fishery protection organisation),
  • self-employed fishermen,
  • Harbour master/municipality of Neustadt i. H.,
  • tourism organisations,
  • the sub-regional administration (Amt Oldenburg Land), and
  • the state office. 

The number of individuals/organisations in the partnership or the general assembly is variable.

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership/general assembly: 
% of fisheries actors: 
% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 
% of environmental actors: 
Number of individuals on main decision-making body/board: 
% of public actors: 
Number of contracted staff in FLAG: 



FLAG Contacts

LAG AktivRegion Wagrien-Fehmarn Geschäftsstelle
Neustädter Str. 26-28
23758 Oldenburg/Holstein
FLAG Manager:
Mr. Matthias Amelung
+49 4361 620700
  • German (Mother tongue)
  • English (Intermediate)
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