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East Liguria FLAG

Official name: 
GAC Levante Ligure
Programming period: 


The East Liguria FLAG area covers all coastal municipalities of the provinces of Genoa and La Spezia, and is characterised by a geographical continuity and economical homogeneity based on micro and small businesses (mostly engaged in the trade and tourism sector).

The tourism sector plays a very important role in this area and is based on the attractiveness of the sea, nature, the local gastronomy and cultural heritage. The fisheries sector also plays a key-role: fresh fish “at a distance of 0km” is available as there are 14 landing points in the territory for the local catch. Moreover, there are two aquaculture and mussel culture facilities located in the area.

Cross-sectoral links between fisheries and tourism are present in the area (trade of local products from land and sea, hotels and restaurants, nautical tourism and the fish festival of Camogli), and there is potential to further develop the local economy (e.g. developing quality labels for some typical species such as red shrimp and anchovies).

However, the FLAG area is challenged to maintain a balance between economic development and the preservation of the natural environment (sea and land): the marine environment is polluted with abandoned fishing nets and fishing gear as well as the debris coming from floods in recent years. A reduction of local sea fauna affects many local fishing communities. Another critical factor in the area is the lack of infrastructure (safe moorings, ground areas, car parks, access ramps, landfill facilities for waste collection, etc.).

Type of area:
Sea Basins:
Protected areas: 

Protected Marine areas of Portofino and Cinque Terre

165 012
Surface area (km²)
Population density

FLAG strategy

The FLAG will work on the following two objectives: increase the profitability of fishing activities and enhance the environmental sustainability of fishing activities.

Actions will include:

  •  A feasibility study about circular economies for fish waste management
  •  A pilot project on “Circular Economy for waste of fishing activity”
  •  Evaluation of the state of exploitation of prawns and anchovies
  •  Training and information sharing for fishing operators on fishing regulations, innovative practices and sustainable fishing techniques (including also an on-line catalogue)
  •  Support to aquaculture (protection of mussel plants, studies of water characteristics for oyster cultures)
  •  Promotional activities to foster knowledge of the fisheries sector and its products
  •  Feasibility study of “Sea Lake”, underwater cage for tourists
Enhancing and capitalising on the environmental assets
% of the budget allocated: 
Adding value, creating jobs, and promoting innovation along the fisheries chain
Supporting diversification
Promoting social wellbeing and cultural heritage
Strengthening the role of fisheries communities in local development


Total public budget allocated to the FLAG for 2014-2020: 
1 171 756
  • EMFF: 
    585 878
  • MS co-financing: 
    585 878
  • Sources of co-funding: 

    National and regional

Project examples

  • Realisation of an on-line training catalogue – the first courses will focus on didactic fish farms and fish products’ upgrading (marketing, local sales, cooking, etc.)
  •  A feasibility study for the pilot project “Circular Economy for waste of fishing activity”
  •  A feasibility study for the local production of oysters "crassostrea gigas" and "ostrea edulis"

Calls for proposals

The FLAG plans to publish around 20 calls for projects over the entire implementation period, on a continuous basis. The website where the calls will be published is currently under development. 

Expertise & cooperation

The East Liguria FLAG is new and has not yet experience in cooperation.

The FLAG is interested in cooperation projects dealing with strategic approaches to the protection of the marine ecosystem and to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Budget envisaged for cooperation: 


Accountable body: 
Camera di Commercio di Genova
Members of the partnership: 

FLAG members include the Chambers of commerce in the area, the offices of the Marine Protected Areas of Portofino and Cinque Terre, Genova University, fisheries cooperatives and fisheries organisations.

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership/general assembly: 
% of fisheries actors: 
% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 
% of environmental actors: 
Number of individuals on main decision-making body/board: 
% of public actors: 


FLAG Contacts

Camera di Commercio di Genova
FLAG GAC Levante Ligure
via Garibaldi, 4
16124 Genova
FLAG Manager:
Mr. Sergio Carozzi
+39 010 270 4256
FLAG President:
Mr. Alessandro Cavo
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