Fisheries Areas Network

FLAG Factsheets

Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) are partnerships between fisheries actors and other local private and public stakeholders. Together, they design and implement a local development strategy to address their area´s needs be they economic, social and/or environmental. Based on their strategy, the FLAGs select and provide funding to local projects that contribute to local development in their areas, involving thousands of local stakeholders.

  • PL201

    The FLAG is situated along the western part of the Polish Baltic sea coast close to the German border. It is an area very rich in fish (62 fish species, both marine and freshwater), with five fishing harbours. There are many small fishing boats and one fish processing plant.
  • PL202

    The FLAG area is situated in the north-western part of the Western Pomerania region, close to the German border. There are relatively few protected areas or areas of high natural value, but the area’s clean and attractive beaches are a strong asset and a foundation for the development of tourism and water sports.
  • PL203

    The FLAG area is situated in Western Pomerania in the county of Kołobrzeg. The Parsęta river flows through the area and at its estuary there is a harbour with many functions including trade, fishing, passenger traffic etc.
  • PL204

    The FLAG is located on the Baltic coast in the region of Western Pomerania. This area has a long tradition of small-scale fisheries whose boats are operated from the beach.
  • PL205

    The FLAG is located on the Baltic sea coast. It has many valuable assets, in particular its nature, landscape and culture. The fisheries sector, together with tourism, play and important role in the economy.
  • PL206

    The area has a long tradition and experience in fisheries, but the potential of lake fishing and pond farming is underutilised. The unique natural assets can be used to valorise new local products, such as smoked vendace from Drawa Lake District, which is available from many small producers.
  • PL207

    The FLAG is located in the south-western part of the Western Pomerania region, close to the German border. The area is highly rural and there are no towns of more than 20 000 inhabitants. The inhabitants of the area arrived here after the second world war, so there is a mixture of different cultures which over the last decades have merged to form a common identity
  • PL208

    The FLAG is located in Western Pomerania close to the cities of Szczecin and Stargard as well as to the German border. Agriculture dominates the area, but there is also fish farming and lake fishing.
  • PL209

    The area is located on the Baltic Sea coast and is characterised by significant natural assets. There are two fishing ports: Ustka and Rowy. The area includes about 10% of all fish resources caught by the Polish fleet.
  • PL210

    The FLAG is situated on the Baltic Sea coast very close to the well-known Slowinski National Park. The area includes Leba, a fishing harbour with a small to medium-sized fishing fleet. Here we can also find fish processing as well as fish farming.