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Territories and traditions of the stockfish: places, techniques, gastronomy

The overall objective is to compare current state of fishing techniques, storage, distribution, gastronomic traditions
and land management as well as the integrated development strategies for coastal areas of the project partners. Furthermore, particular attention will be paid to the closer involvement of local actors as well as the implementations of the activities for achieving economic objectives. These objectives do not only take into account the economic aspects but also environmental and social factors in the long run, as expressed in a widely accepted definition of sustainable development.

The exchange of good practises and know-how will contribute to the spread of ideas and suggestions among local actors, both public and private, introducing cross-sectoral and integrated synergies in the management of coastal
areas: sustainable tourism, management of cultural and natural heritage, widespread hospitality, social inclusion, supply chains, rehabilitation of the coastal environment and of the cultural heritage related to traditions and hidentity.

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