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Seeking information about lampara nets and purse seines

In South-West Finland, the most common fishing gears have traditionally been gillnets, fyke nets and Finnish traps called "katiska". Nowadays, due to the climate change , especially in wintertime, and seal proliferation in the area, fishermen need to expand their know-how into other types of gears.


For this reason, Bothnian Sea and Lake Pyhajarvi FLAG is looking for other European FLAGs interested in sharing experience in using other types of  gear, which can respond to the dual challenges that seals and diminishing ice cover represent.  Experiences in the use of lampara nets and/or purse seines in coastal, and more specifically, shallow waters, under 20 metres in depth (mostly 5-12 metres) are of particular interest.


The project’s main goal would be the training of fishermen on new gear and know-how. In return, Bothnian Sea and Lake Pyhajarvi FLAG offers information about fyke net fishing for coastal species. Specific actions would be jointly drawn up by the project partners.


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