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Seaweed business knowledge & skills for local seafood price improvement

The Djursland FLAG is looking to learn from other FLAG areas in order to develop projects to improve the sales price of local seafood, ideally in contexts similar with its fisheries communities (small-scale, Baltic/North Sea coastal fisheries). Our FLAG has experience in business development within the Seaweed harvesting and processing sector. The cooperation could take the form of a best practice exchange with a FLAG area with matching needs and experience.

Context and situation: The Djursland FLAG would like to engage in cooperation activities but faces a specific barrier: with only 50% of the cooperation project potentially funded by EMFF, it needs to secure involvement of match funding partners. In the case of private commpanies, the cooperation project should be targeted to short term positive impacts improving the activity of the involved companies.

Alternatively, the FLAG could host a visit and structure the knowledge and good practice exchange if the cooperation initiative is led by a visiting FLAG.

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