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Interreg call for micro-projects from France and England (Channel)

The second of a series of four Interreg calls for “micro-projects” from around the Channel is open until the 24th of October. Successful applicants can access up to €400 000 for projects supporting one of five different objectives: 1) increasing the uptake of innovative products, processes, systems and services in smart specialisation sectors; 2) Increasing the quality and effectiveness of service delivery to the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups through social innovation; 3) Increasing the development and uptake of low-carbon technologies; 4) Promoting natural and cultural assets to deliver innovative and sustainable growth; 5) Enhancing and protecting the coastal and transitional water ecosystems. Programme information can be found here and a brief summary at the following link. A subsequent call is planned for March 2018.


24/10/2017 12:10
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