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Latvia’s Operational Programme highlights the role of FLAG cooperation in promoting the exchange of experience at a national and international level as a way of helping solve issues that are fundamental for local communities in fisheries areas.

It is aimed, in particular, at supporting the implementation of new and innovative ideas that can contribute to the development of new businesses and employment opportunities, in line with the objectives of the six Latvian FLAG strategies. Emerging ideas for cooperation projects include adding value to local fisheries products through processing as well as the development of new activities around seaweed production.

A total budget of €300 000 is reserved for 2014-2020 at national level for FLAG cooperation in Latvia, which FLAGs can apply for at any time.


Number of FLAGs in Latvia: 6

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • Projects are developed by the FLAGs and proposed to the National Paying Agency which evaluates and selects/approves them
  • There are no specific cooperation calls in Latvia. Cooperation projects can be presented to the Paying Agency at any time and are evaluated on an ongoing basis
  • FLAGs can delegate the coordination of cooperation projects and/or the implementation of a particular activity of the project to other NGOs in their areas.
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects in Latvia can be implemented by the FLAGs themselves, as well as by other relevant organisations from the FLAG areas, on behalf of the FLAG.  
  • Latvian FLAGs can cooperate with FLAGs in Latvia and FLAGs in other EU Member States
  • They can also cooperate with CLLD groups funded by the other ESI funds and non-EU funded CLLD-type partnerships
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • The maximum amount of EMFF support permitted per cooperation project (for implementation) is €50 000
  • Preparatory support: FLAG may apply to the Paying Agency for preparatory support for cooperation projects
  • Implementation of joint activities are eligible if they are related to objective a-d of Article 63 of the EMFF: fisheries; the diversification of activities in the fisheries sector and other sectors of the blue economy; and the sustainable use of water and other living resources; and the promotion of fisheries and maritime cultural heritage.
  • Actions related to objective e of Article 63 of the EMFF (strengthening the role of fisheries communities in local development and governance) are not eligible for support in Latvia.
  • All cooperation actions should also contribute to the objectives of the respective FLAG strategy.

For any further information:

The National Fisheries Cooperation Network is involved in the promotion of cooperation actions and linking potential partners.  For further information and potential cooperation partners in Latvia, don’t hesitate to contact the Network Secretariat:

Edgars Linde: edgars.linde@llkc.lv or

Kristaps Gramanis: kristaps.gramanis@llkc.lv 

Tel: +371 6305 0220


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