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As a multi-regional Member State, FLAG cooperation in Italy is encouraged as a way of sharing new ideas and innovations between regions.  Some of the challenges faced in Italy, which cooperation might help to address, include how to increase the profitability of small-scale coastal fisheries, how to make the sector a more attractive career for young people and developing new activities in order to diversify income sources in fishing communities. Italy takes a flexible approach towards cooperation, allowing FLAGs to benefit from the full range of provisions that the EMFF foresees, including exchanges where these can bring new knowledge that can be valuable to its fisheries sector.

A total budget of €4M is available for cooperation in Italy. This budget is divided proportionally among the different regional Managing Authorities which act as Intermediate Bodies. FLAGs can make a request for funding to the respective regional authority. Each FLAG takes the decision whether to develop cooperation projects but there are no specific requirements to do so.


Number of FLAGs in Italy: 53

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • In Italy, inter-regional and trans-national cooperation projects can be developed at the initiative of each FLAG - but they must request funding from their regional Intermediate Body who holds the budget.
  • The FLAG board selects cooperation projects, which are then sent for approval to the regional Intermediate Body.
  • This procedure is valid for all regions except for Sicily and Puglia.
  • Sicily and Puglia have chosen to handle cooperation at regional level.
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects funded under the EMFF can only be implemented by FLAGs in Italy.
  • Italian FLAGs can cooperate with CLLD groups funded by all European Structural and Investment Funds and/or with non-EU funded CLLD-type public-private partnerships.
  • Italian FLAGs can cooperate with partners in Italy, the EU or outside the EU.
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • Cooperation projects are subject to the same financing rules as any other FLAG project.
  • The Managing Authority has made guidance on cooperation available to Italian FLAGs, including details of eligible actions, arrangements for preparatory support to cooperation projects and an application pack.

Should you wish to cooperate with an Italian FLAG, don´t hesitate to contact: clld.feamp@politicheagricole.it.


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