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RO - FLAG Cooperation in Romania

Romania is one of just five Member States, organising FLAG cooperation at national level. The first calls for cooperation projects were opened in 2020. The Romanian Operational Programme for the EMFF identifies FLAG cooperation as a way to increase employment opportunities and territorial cohesion and foresees the majority of its cooperation activities around the Black Sea and in the Danube Basin, in particular among Romania FLAGs but also with Bulgarian FLAGs and FLAGs with river deltas in their areas.

Cooperation projects will aim to boost local administrative capacity and good governance as well as ensuring the sustainability of FLAG actions by mobilising the local economy. Improving the management of the fisheries and aquaculture sector at local level and focusing on SMEs that can add value to local products are also among the objectives foreseen for cooperation projects. Cooperation among the Black Sea countries is expected to focus on themes such as the sustainable use of natural resources and the marine environment, preserving biodiversity, and improving knowledge and the scientific assessment of stocks. A budget of €1.5M is foreseen for FLAG cooperation in Romania.

Number of FLAGs in Romania: 22

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • Cooperation among FLAGs is handled by the National Network and supervised by the MA.
  • FLAGs submit their proposals to the MA which selects projects for funding.
  • A “lead FLAG” will then be in charge of coordinating the implementation of the cooperation actions.
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects can only be implemented by FLAGs in Romania

  • They can cooperate with partners from CLLD groups funded by all ESI Funds and/or with non EU-funded CLLD-type public-private partnerships.

  • Romanian FLAGs can cooperate with partners in any EU Member State as well as with neighbouring countries outside the EU.

Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • Preparatory support for cooperation projects will be made available to Romanian FLAGs by the MA´s technical assistance to explore inter-territorial and transnational cooperation ideas and to meet with potential partners. 
  • This technical support for project preparation is awarded under the condition that FLAGs can demonstrate their intention to implement a specific project.

For any further information:


Assistance to implement cooperation activities is foreseen by the National Network. Those interested in cooperating with FLAGs in Romania can contact the MA at pescuit@madr.ro; or popam.comunicare@madr.ro

FLAGs interested in taking part in the CBC Romania-Bulgaria, Interreg V–A RO-BG, should contact https://www.interregrobg.eu/en/projects/10-meniu-articole/21-contact.htm...;


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