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FLAG Cooperation in Portugal

Cooperation in Portugal is considered a tool to allow the FLAGs to bring together the knowledge and capacity of different actors for a common objective. Both national and transnational cooperation are seen as a way of helping achieve the strategic objectives of the FLAGs. As such, support for cooperation will focus on fostering the exchange of knowledge and information between different organisations, with the aim of resolving common problems and putting into practice ideas that produce benefits that go beyond a single FLAG area.

Thematic priorities include supporting short circuits for local seafood products, pesca-tourism, the sustainable use of resources, fisheries identity and fostering new coastal activities.

A total budget of €346 000 is held by the MA for cooperation projects: €104 575 for national cooperation and €261 438 for transnational cooperation. There is also €20 000 foreseen for networking and support activities to help support Portuguese FLAGs undertake cooperation.

Number of FLAGs: 
Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • The Managing Authority is responsible for the cooperation measure in Portugal
  • Based on the objectives of the different local development strategies selected in Portugal, the MA expects to open thematic calls for projects each year.
  • The FLAG develops its cooperation projects and sends them to the Managing Authority for approval.
Possible partners: 
  • National cooperation projects funded under the EMFF can only be implemented by FLAGs
  • Transnational cooperation projects can also be implemented by other entities
  • Portuguese FLAGs can cooperate with CLLD groups funded by all European Structural and Investment Funds and/or with non-EU funded CLLD-type public-private partnerships, but preference is given to those with fisheries or coastal characteristics
  • Portuguese FLAGs can also cooperate with partners outside the EU, for example from Portuguese speaking countries.
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • Cooperation projects are subject to the same financing rules as any other FLAG project.
  • Aid intensity for cooperation projects is fixed at 90%

Further information on cooperation in Portugal can be found on the Managing Authority’s website: www.mar2020.pt or by contacting the MA at the following email: geral@mar2020.pt


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