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The 2014-2020 programming period is the first time that Croatia has Fisheries Local Action Groups, which started to implement their strategies in 2019. Cooperation is not mandatory for Croatian FLAGs but most are open to learning and exchanging practices with more experienced FLAGs in other MS.

The FLAGs’ strategies cover topics such as diversifying economic activities; maintaining jobs in the fishing sector; linking fisheries to other sectors (especially tourism, sport/recreation, gastronomy and nature protection linked to traditional ways of living); creating local linkages to improve seafood provision to the market; and adding value to fisheries products. They are looking for cooperation partners mainly in the Mediterranean Sea basin.



Number of FLAGs in Croatia: 14

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • FLAGs can initiate or participate in any cooperation projects planned and approved within their strategies.
  • FLAGs can also initiate cooperation projects of common interest emerging through their network activity.
  • Once the details of cooperation activities are planned, FLAGs submit their projects to the MA for final approval.
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects in Croatia must be implemented by the FLAGs themselves
  • They can cooperate with partners from CLLD groups funded by all ESI Funds (e.g. LEADER LAGs) and/or with non EU-funded CLLD-type public-private partnerships.
  • Croatian FLAGs can cooperate with partners in any EU Member State or in countries outside the EU.
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • There are no specific rules or conditions for cooperation projects in Croatia
  • There is no limit as to the percentage of the FLAG budget that can be used for cooperation projects.


For any further information:

Those wishing to undertake cooperation with a Croatian FLAG can contact the FLAG Network for further information or contacts: a.sladoljev@gmail.com


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