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FLAG cooperation in Finland’s EMFF programme is considered to be a way of bringing new ideas and innovations to the country in order to address some specific challenges. In particular, cooperation is sought to increase the profitability of small-scale coastal fisheries and make the sector attractive as a career for young people, as well as combatting the issues posed by seals and cormorants in fishing communities. However, cooperation is not limited and other ideas and networking can be developed among the FLAGs.

Finland takes a flexible approach towards cooperation, allowing FLAGs to benefit from the full range of provisions that the EMFF foresees, including exchanges where these can bring new knowledge that can be valuable to its fisheries sector.

In terms of budget available for cooperation in Finland, each FLAG takes the decision whether to allocate part of its budget to cooperation projects but there are no specific requirements to do so. Most FLAGs foresee making approximately 5% of their budgets available for cooperation, though figures range from 1-12%. As FLAGs in Finland have fairly small budgets, this would imply approximately €50 000 per FLAG for the programming period.

Number of FLAGs in Finland: 10

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • Cooperation is a responsibility for each FLAG. FLAGs are free to dedicate a part of their budget to cooperation projects; this is generally laid out in each local development strategy or the corresponding action plan.
  • The FLAG board selects cooperation projects, which are then sent for approval to the regional “ELY centre” which acts as intermediate body.
  • There are no specific cooperation calls in Finland. Cooperation projects can be presented to the FLAGs at any time and are evaluated on an ongoing basis as with all other FLAG projects (approximately 4-6 times a year).
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects in Finland can be led by the FLAGs themselves, as well as by other relevant organisations from the FLAG areas, such as fishing organisations, local authorities or NGOs. 
  • Finnish FLAGs can cooperate with partners in Finland, the EU or outside the EU.
  • Finnish FLAGs can cooperate with partners from CLLD groups funded by all European Structural and Investment Funds and/or with non-EU funded CLLD-type public-private partnerships.
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • Cooperation projects are subject to the same financing rules as any other FLAG project.
  • No arrangements have been made to fund preparatory support for cooperation projects in Finland. However, eligible cooperation actions are fairly broad and include, for example, study visits which could then lead to further cooperation and joints projects.

For any further information:

Finland has a designated network coordinator who has the role of supporting Finnish FLAGs to launch cooperation actions and linking them with potential partners from abroad. Should you wish to cooperate with a Finnish FLAG, don't hesitate to contact Ms. Sinna Seppänen, at the national network unit. Email: sinna.seppanen@ruokaviraste.fi Tel: +358 295 204 033.


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