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Cooperation in Estonia will focus on three main areas:

Joint marketing, including: trade fair or conference participation, e-marketing activities, joint marketing or action plan development for new products and services, the development of logistical solutions, and creating common brand names, trademarks or visual identity;

Knowledge transfer through the participation in or organisation of training, study tours, seminars, workshops etc;

Promoting fisheries and maritime activities, for example at festivals, exhibitions and other events as well as actions to attract young people to work in the fisheries sector. Of course, any cooperation project be in line with the FLAG strategy in question and meet at least one of the objectives in Art 63 (1) of EU 508/2014.

In terms of resources, the national MA has allocated a cooperation budget to each FLAG, depending on the size of their area, ranging from €100 000 – €420 000 for the programming period.


Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • In Estonia, the Paying Agency opens a call for cooperation projects each year, which remains open for the duration of the year.
  • The first call was opened in December 2016 and will remain open until December 2017
  • FLAGs can develop and present projects at any time and on the theme of their choice.
  • The Paying Agency will take the final decision on approving cooperation projects
Possible partners: 
  • Cooperation projects in Estonia must be led by a FLAG.
  • Estonian FLAGs can cooperate with partners around the EU and outside the EU.
  • Estonian FLAGs can cooperate with any other public -private partnership that is implementing a led local development strategy.
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • Cooperation projects are subject to the same financing rules as any other FLAG project, except for infrastructure which Estonian legislation has excluded from the eligible cooperation actions
  • Investment for equipment is only eligible for up to €2000 per cooperation project.
  • FLAGs can apply for support only for their part of the project, partner actions are not eligible
  • The duration of the cooperation project can be of maximum 3 years.

For any further information:

A specific task of the Estonian National Network (the Fisheries Information Centre) is supporting FLAG cooperation. Those interested in cooperating with FLAGs in Estonia can contact Erko Veltson at erko.veltson@ut.ee


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