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CY - Cooperation in Cyprus

Cooperation is strongly encouraged in Cyprus, both at the inter-territorial and the transnational level.  The call for FLAG strategies included a specific section for cooperation plans and all three Cypriot FLAGs, therefore, received provisional approval of their cooperation proposals when selected. 

An inter-territorial project between the three Cypriot FLAGs foresees a promotional campaign for fisheries products around the island; and a transnational project with Greece will continue cooperation initiated in the 2007-2014 period around the promotion of diving parks in the region.  Cypriot FLAGs are also open to other cooperation ideas and no specific themes have been set at national level.

A total budget of €440 000 has been allocated for FLAG cooperation in Cyprus – with the possibility of transferring further funds from the FLAG strategies at a later stage, if necessary.


Number of FLAGs in Cyprus: 3

Level at which cooperation is handled: 
  • The budget for cooperation is held at national level
  • FLAGs develop cooperation ideas which are then discussed with the MA and IB before official submission
  • Projects are then further developed and submitted to the IB for evaluation and approval
Possible partners: 
  • Only FLAGs can implement cooperation projects in Cyprus
  • They can cooperate with FLAGs as well as CLLD groups funded by the other ESI funds and non-EU funded CLLD-type partnerships
  • Cypriot FLAGs can cooperate across Europe and beyond
Financing and co-financing of your cooperation project: 
  • No specific eligibility rules have been put in place for cooperation projects. They are subject to the same financing rules as any other FLAG project
  • Preparatory support: Preparatory actions are considered eligible but must be funded from the FLAGs’ budgets for running costs and animation.

For any further information:

Those interested in further information or in collaborating with Cypriot FLAGs can contact Natasa Pappouli, from the Department of Fisheries and Maritime Research which acts as the National Fisheries Network: npappouli@dfmr.moa.gov.cy


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