Fisheries Areas Network

News & Events

  • FARNET Flash newsletter Summer 2021

    key topics: 1) FLAGs study trips to encourage cooperation projects; 2)Meeting scheduled to discuss FLAG contribution to International Year of Artisanal Fisheries 2022; 3) ENSAMBLE project (fisheries actors in Italy, France and Tunisia) draws to a close; 4) Interreg videos, the value of programme’s cooperation projects; 5) Event for Romanian FLAGs to prepare local development strategies for 2021-27
  • FARNET Flash newsletter May-June 2021

    This month, the key topics: 1°) Italian FLAG cooperation project to boost awareness of fishing traditions; 2°) FARNET seminar for North Sea and Atlantic sea basin FLAGs helping them to become more effective; 3°) Public consultation allows EU citizens and stakeholders to contribute to EU’s algae initiative; 4°) COST policy brief analyses FLAG projects; 5°) FARNET magazine photo competition.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter April 2021

    This month, the key topics: 1°)FLAG projects helping to cut down fishing gear waste; 2°) New funds for small-scale fisheries projects; 3°) MA meeting focuses on FLAG selection, EMFAF regulation and EU initiatives relevant for FLAGs; 4°) Italian FLAGs show how connecting rural and fisheries projects can work; 5°) FARNET guide to help FLAGs bring quality projects to life.
  • This FARNET meeting for Managing Authorities and National Networks implementing fisheries CLLD focused on programming CLLD for 2021-2027; reviewing CLLD objectives from the 2014-20 period and setting new ones for the future; and CLLD result indicators. The meeting also addressed FLAG work related to the European Green Deal & Farm to Fork strategies.
  • Focused on the Atlantic and North Sea FLAGs, this 12th FARNET seminar completed the series of sea basin focused specific events for FLAGs. In addition to sea-basin specific topics of interest, transversal themes running through this seminar were the quality and effectiveness of the activities that FLAG undertake.
  • FARNET transnational ONLINE seminar for Baltic and inland FLAGs, 24-26 March 2021: "Better local strategies around the Baltic Sea and in inland FLAG areas”. Following the online seminar for Mediterranean and Black Sea FLAGs, the next seminar was organised for FLAGs in the Baltic Sea basin and in inland areas around Europe.