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Over ten Baltic FLAGs join forces in transnational cooperation scheme

This is the first cooperation project involving such a significant number of Baltic FLAGs. Until now, cooperation projects have been mainly carried out between FLAGs from the same country or on a bilateral basis. In early January, more than ten FLAGs and 40 participants came from Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden to collaborate on a transnational cooperation project. What was on the agenda to gather such a crowd? Seals and cormorants.


At the event, the participants capitalized on the work that had been initiated by the ESKO FLAG during the 2007-2013 period. The Baltic FLAGs present agreed on a project plan to research, analyse and raise awareness on the impact of seals and cormorants on fisheries communities and fish stocks in the Baltic Sea – and to find sustainable solutions.

During the event, they discussed the needs, objectives and activities regarding the management of seals and cormorants. Those involved in the project feel that the issue is not well recognized at national and EU-level. Before kick-starting the project, the next step will be to obtain the Board approval from each of the FLAGs interested in participating.

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