Fisheries Areas Network


  • FARNET Flash newsletter October 2021

    - News
    key topics: 1) FLAGs in Romania take their first steps into cooperation; 2) Preparing the coming period: cooperation 2021-2027; 3) FARNET exhibition in Italy; 4) New FARNET magazine online!
  • FARNET Flash newsletter September 2021

    - News
    key topics: 1) Pesca-tourism: a new opportunity for fishers and cooperation; 2) FLAGs share ideas on how to contribute to the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries 2022; 3)FSU organises online meeting for FARNET Geographical Experts; 4)Portuguese FLAGs learn more about CLLD under EMFAF; 5)FLAG outreach leads to high demand for environmental initiatives.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter August 2021

    - News
    key topics: 1) FLAGs state of play; 2) Swedish FLAG project tries to increase lake’s unexpected low levels of eels; 3) Researchers learn about fisheries CLLD and FLAGs at MARE People and the Sea Conference; 4) FSU organises online meeting for FARNET Geographical Experts.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter Summer 2021

    - News
    key topics: 1) FLAGs study trips to encourage cooperation projects; 2)Meeting scheduled to discuss FLAG contribution to International Year of Artisanal Fisheries 2022; 3) ENSAMBLE project (fisheries actors in Italy, France and Tunisia) draws to a close; 4) Interreg videos, the value of programme’s cooperation projects; 5) Event for Romanian FLAGs to prepare local development strategies for 2021-27
  • FARNET Flash newsletter May-June 2021

    - News
    This month, the key topics: 1°) Italian FLAG cooperation project to boost awareness of fishing traditions; 2°) FARNET seminar for North Sea and Atlantic sea basin FLAGs helping them to become more effective; 3°) Public consultation allows EU citizens and stakeholders to contribute to EU’s algae initiative; 4°) COST policy brief analyses FLAG projects; 5°) FARNET magazine photo competition.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter April 2021

    - News
    This month, the key topics: 1°)FLAG projects helping to cut down fishing gear waste; 2°) New funds for small-scale fisheries projects; 3°) MA meeting focuses on FLAG selection, EMFAF regulation and EU initiatives relevant for FLAGs; 4°) Italian FLAGs show how connecting rural and fisheries projects can work; 5°) FARNET guide to help FLAGs bring quality projects to life.
  • 26/04/2021
    - News
    WWF and Blue Seeds have launched an innovative scheme supporting small-scale fishers in coastal areas that want to implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of fisheries.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter March 2021

    - News
    This month, the key topics: 1°) FARNET Baltic and inland seminar highlights strategies and cooperation; 2°) French and Italian FLAGs launch project supporting blue economy small businesses; 3°) FARNET case study focuses on FLAG actions to increase biodiversity; >4°) FLAGs from Greece and Cyprus meet for capacity building; 5°) Seminar on local development in a post-COVID world.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter February 2021

    - News
    This month, the key topics: 1°) Making cooperation work for women; 2°) FARNET and FLAG work reaching Latin America; 3°) Spanish FLAGs meet to discuss developing CLLD in the next programming period; 4°) Upcoming FARNET Baltic and Inland Seminar; 5°) Short online survey for market intelligence tool on EU fisheries and aquaculture.
  • FARNET Flash newsletter January 2021

    - News
    This month, the key topics: 1°)FARNET–more projects, events and great content; 2°) FARNET survey on FLAG projects’ links to EU Green Deal; 3°)Italian FLAG shares knowledge with Turkey-EU cooperation; 4°)Spotlight on the latest FARNET publications; 5°) Research on FLAGs and CLLD at Ocean Governance for Sustainability conference; 6°)Take part in a research into gender equality in public procurement.