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The EMFF and local perspectives beyond 2020

The CLLD programme was praised at DG MARE’s EMMF Stakeholder Conference in October for being a successful tool in bringing about greater collaboration between fisheries and local communities. During a workshop on the EMFF and local perspectives, four panelists shared their practical experience on implementing CLLD on the ground. They demonstrated how it has helped boost the image, competitiveness and sales of local fisheries products all while developing local skills, capacity and entrepreneurship in their local communities in Spain, Denmark and Greece.

A quick poll of the participants at the workshop showed that the key area of work of CLLD in the future is believed to be in improving local skills and strengthening the supply chain. Indeed, the outreach work done by FLAGs is a particularity of CLLD which makes it extremely attractive and responsive to specific local needs.

The panellists also developed articles to trigger the reflection and fuel the debate on how to improve CLLD intervention in fisheries and aquaculture areas:

For more information and presentations from the event, visit www.emff-now-and-then.eu

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