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Cooperation project on the promotion of local seafood products

The Saint-Brieuc FLAG, in collaboration with 9 other partners - LAGs, FLAGs and other local associations in France, Finland, Sweden and Belgium – is getting ready for its cooperation project on the promotion of local seafood products. The FLAG just recently published its concept note on the project.


The main objective is to capitalise on local food products to boost economic development and ensure that the added value of these products directly benefits local actors. To meet this objective, two phases are planned: the development of a "toolbox" to help different areas promote their local products; and a culinary competition to bring together the partnership and local stakeholders around a major event at the end of the project. The kick-off meeting of the cooperation project will take place on September 1st, 2019, and will be followed by 5-6 technical seminars.


Congratulations to the partners for the development of this ambitious project which looks very promising!

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